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  1. Hi folks.... Finally got round to replacing my broken bins (I haven't graduated to a telescope yet), and was just lookin for some observing spots. I went to Ranmore Common last Thurs, a big improvement on my back garden! I was just wondering if anyone here has tried Leith Hill.......
  2. Hi Jack, did you ever find the answer to this question? I'm in the same position as you!
  3. While bumbling around in the dark watching last nights lunar eclipse (which was great!) I managed to knock my binoculars over while they were propped up against the patio door on my mono-pod whilst it was at pretty much full extension. After that I was seeing 2 slightly overlapping moons! The Bin's are Oympus DPS 1 10x50. Anyone got any advise on how I can re-collimate them? Thanks Stu
  4. Can any one recommend a free star atlas for a smart phone. I've recently upgraded from a basic phone and text device to a HTC desire X Thanks.
  5. I've tried a few methods with my 10x50's, by far the best is the mono pod and trigger grip mount. I think i spent about £30 for the pod and grip, with a careful bit of shopping . My set-up is virtually identical to the one pictured on the home page of Steve's site http://binocularsky.com/ The broom idea is a good cheap solution, but you need to get more height that you could with your average broom IMHO..
  6. A couple more to add to the list of great binoc objects: Collinder 39/Melotte 20 arround Mirphak in Perseus and....... Collinder 256/Melotte 111 in Corma Berenices, tho you'll have to be up really early or wait till later in the year for that one...
  7. Hi Johnny, I too have the DPSI 10x50. I am also fairly new to this, I started last Christmas. After trying lots of different ways to stabilise my bins i have found the best to be a mono pod and pistol grip. The exact same set-up as you can see Steve using on the home page of his web site. I got the 7 day shop mono pod for about £7, the pistol grip off ebay for about £22 and the Strathspey L bracket (nice and solid) for about a tenner. As well as being cheaper than a tripod I find it great for manoeuvring around the garden when looking at different parts of the sky, for the most stable vie
  8. We've been done , I posted a couple of comparison pics in this thread http://stargazerslounge.com/showthread.php?p=2267294#post2267294. Once the new style lights are dimmed it is darker.......
  9. You need to put a lot of miles behind you to fully escape the orange glow that is London . You could try Astronomy 4 Everyone : GroupSpaces who meet just outside Guildford, or keep an eye on the Surrey Observers page on this forum, and join them at Ranmore Common, just outside Dorking. Not proper dark sites by way better than the view I get from home. Also +1 for Stellarium, it is fantastic as well as free
  10. Well spotted. +1 on the congrats, Steve . Any chance you could moderate all of these clouds out of the way
  11. We have had the new lights fitted in my road. I've attached a couple of pics to show the difference, both taken at about 2 in the morning. The new lights do dim from 11 or midnight for the rest of the night, which is good but they are so bright when they first come on it is almost like daylight. The 'orange' pic was a 1sec exposure and the 'white' one a 2sec exposure. So it is darker once they are dimmed than with the older lights.
  12. mine extends out to 300mm. you can also get some more adjustement by shortening the neck strap. you will still need to sit in a reclined position to look up towards the zenith, but I find the device very handy, a big improvement over hand-held. and for that price........
  13. If you're looking for a neck pod have a look at the 7dayshop one, £6.19 at the mo, tho the price does go up and down, I paid £3.99 when I bought mine from there. 7dayshop.com - Online Store Good for the 10x50, but as Steve said maybe not so good for bigger bins...
  14. I got one of these in the end Camrock Tripod Joystick Grip Action Ball Head 360° New H110 high quality gear | eBay looks identical to the Konig but a bit cheaper £22.90 + £5 p&p. I was slightly annoyed that the thread to attach to the mono pob tuned out to be 3/8 rather than 1/4 - back to the bay 10 thread adaptors ordered from China still only a quid!
  15. Try Melotte 111 in Coma Berenices... great in the bins. exactly the same here, dam LP
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