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    Hiking and Walking. A bit of reading,. Learning German. In Our Time. Heavy Metal.

    Peace and quiet.

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    Belfast, Ireland.
  1. There's probably a local Astronomy club in your approximate area whom you could contact to try out a set of non IS bins.
  2. From what I hear here on SGL, image stabilised bins are hard to beat. Though they may have a somewhat smaller aperture the IS seems to make all the difference. Folk here on the forum who have a set of canon IS bins generally say they wouldn't go back to non IS. Maybe if you could borrow a set of 10×50's and try a comparison. Anyhow, I have a set of Elinor 10×50 and I they're pretty good and light enough for comfortable hand held viewing.
  3. Trapezium nicely split and some nebula detail in that shot. If that's a quick snap with the phone I'd say you've a decent set of optics there.
  4. That's a lovely report. I have a set of Stellar II 15x70's and there're great. The freedom of bins is hard to beat. Like you mentioned in the Pleiades, it's really nice just to dwell and let random asterisms pop out. I've never tried for nebula though with the bins, going to add a few of your successful observations to my list .
  5. Out in that weather, dosn't sound like not trying very hard !!! . Well done getting a session in.
  6. There's some colour coming through in that snap. Enjoy the scope .
  7. That sounds like you had a great session. Just below M42 there's some nice views around Struve745 / 747. NGC 1981 just above the nebula is also worth a look .
  8. Sounds like you really enjoyed the clear sky !!! Next chance I get I'm gonna take a look at Beta Mon, thanks for the suggestion . BTW , what scope are you using ?
  9. That colour in M42 is amazing, that must be a great scope .
  10. Really nice !! Like the middle one best. The starburst regions in the right most arm really stand out.
  11. Ooops ... It's quite near the Hyades Cluster in the direction of the Pleiades. Screen grab from DSO Planner.
  12. Out with the 15x70's to chase down the Davis's Dog asterism between the racing clouds. First time seeing this one and its a lovely view in the bino 4° fov. Why does finding a random pattern of stars make me grin from ear to ear . Thanks to Binocular Sky Newsletter.
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