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  1. Please have a look at the attached before you say that. Binocular forums usually have a few people who are totally clueless about optics and binoculars but have some sick need to present themselves as an opto-wizard as if their goal is a stroked ego. There are forums for optical engineers. However, most wouldn’t come to one of these forums for love nor money. I have been in most branches of optics for 50+ years, have handled the repair and collimation for over 12,000 binoculars, and have dined with some of the industry greats. However, I don’t have a PhD in optics! So, I have to sate myself wi
  2. The main thing is whether or not the customer is happy. And you obviously are. However, from the opto-scientific standpoint of one who has spent decades in both the precision and ophthalmic optics, there is about a 90% chance they were “spot on” because of your spatial accommodation and not the instrument. Both my bino books explain the difference Collimation and Conditional Alignment. 100% of the “collimation tips” on the Internet are WRONG! And I would be pleased to have you quote me. I’ve been fighting this battle for 44 years. I was an invited guest at Photonics West in 2012 and prese
  3. Perhaps your mind is made up on ZOOM binoculars ... GOOD! The attached is the first of 5 pages from my first bino book on that subject.
  4. Mayday, Mayday ... I see you were talking about the cap for the tripod adapter. I thought you were taking about LENS CAPS! I am so sorry. The manufacturer should be able to supple one easily. BC
  5. You will have to decide which is more important to you, matching lens caps or lens caps that DO the job. If they don't match, the problem originated with the manufacturer or the importer. Cheers, Bill
  6. The other cap will have its size—in millimeters—on it. Note it. And then seek after market accessories for binoculars. Bill
  7. You can make your EPs out of two Plossels from any two identical (cheap) binoculars. Plossel is just the more expensive name for symmetrical doublets.
  8. I sure would like to change my cover photo. However, I have dragged and dropped, and I have uploaded, and it makes no difference. Only a tiny portion of the image is available because it fills up the top of my 27-inch screen. I have reduced the jpg to as small as my computer will allow—30kb—AND IT STILL FILLS THE SCREEN! Would someone please help. I have been using computers since they were available to the average consumer. But this is not even close to intuitive. Thanks, Bill
  9. Talk of binocular collimation always brings me out of my hole. I just try to raise the bar of optical understanding and stand tall (I’m 5’4”) against that optical nonsense about collimation currently on the Internet, all of which deals with CONDITIONAL ALIGNMENT and none of which deals with 3-axis binocular collimation. Of course, if you don’t have a certifiable collimator, the Willy-Nilly tweaking of screws is what you must try to elevate to the level of ........ COLLIMATION! Does calling a Shetland Pony a Clydesdale (also from Scotland) make it NOT a Shetland? “The truth is incontrove
  10. You should be very proud of what you did on that piece! I keep hoping that as I reach my expiration date, a few others have learned enough to keep the craft going. Too many, though, should start a business called ... SHORTCUTS R US! There are two ways to make a profit. Through shortcuts and through learning your craft well enough to do your projects in record time ... without shortcuts! The money is all the same but the latter method will earn you more of it.
  11. Dave, I hope you know I will help all I can, any time I can. My arms can't reach 4,840 miles ... but the Internet can. Bill PS Do you know Gary Hawkins?
  12. Not at all. I used my Audubon until replaced by my 8x32 Nikon SE. Just think how lucky I was. When I bought it from my sea of Zeiss, Leica, & Swarovski, it was just a great binocular and a very good price. Now, thanks to the needs of my countrymen, I have (drum roll, please) an ... “ALPHA!” Being a great bino technician requires a modicum of dexterity, experience, and common sense. However, performing a 3-axis collimation requires considerably more. Complicated? NO! Requiring special skills? NO! Requiring one to stop making lame excuses and taking asinine short cuts? Yes. There’s
  13. Woah! Would you like to kiss my ring, too! I think your plan is more than adequate. However, although the nitrogen molecule is slightly larger than O2 molecule, that instrument probably lost its nitrogen YEARS ago. Do I know that with certainly? No. But has experience told me that it’s probably so? Yes. What I do know with certainty is that nitrogen is still available. But, being a Brit, just be sure it’s left-handed and metric nitrogen!
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