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  1. Here they are: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aj0cvv2x9n4dcvl/AADqs3KEUl-NI6apQtb73-Pha?dl=0 If I recall correctly I used SketchUp (.skp) for the initial modelling. And then export to STL for further processing.
  2. No, it's with this one: https://oneplus.net/lt/one Sent from my SGP621 using Tapatalk
  3. In short: Easy to setup - set and forget. OnePlus One with Camera FV-5 app, f2.0, 60s, ISO3200, single exposure. Processed on the phone using Photo Mate R2. Setup: Unprocessed without image tracker Unprocessed with tracker
  4. I vote for moving it forward, half moon is good, I always wanted to do some smartphone lunar photography...
  5. Peak Star Party 2014

    James, I've emailed you my cancellation notice - sadly a family emergency means I have to go abroad tomorrow for a while. I understand there's no refund - just hoping my pitch can be re-sold or reallocated to someone else in need. Have fun guys - let me know when PSP2015 is ready to book!!
  6. John L Dobson R.I.P.

    Glad I decided to go Dobsonian, I will always remember him... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  7. Ansafone message?

    No caller ID? -- Perry
  8. Peak Star Party 2014

    I wouldn't use any other browser anyway so if PSP2014 website doesn't work with Firefox... -- Perry
  9. Peak Star Party 2013

    Just a heads up, PSP2014 is now open for PSP2013 attendees before general public bookings -- Perry
  10. Astro Panel 2.0 released! (Android App)

    It does seem to crash on a parsing of data from 7Timer. -- Perry
  11. Peak Star Party 2014

    Booked, but didn't realise merchandise section exist! You should do Vistaprint style and offer it during checkout... Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  12. Steve's To-Do list!

    Length and diameter of Newtonian scopes particularly.
  13. Peak Star Party 2013

    Thankfully today no rain so tent finally dry inside out. There was some leaking at the corner seams I noticed, will need to tape it up more for next year.
  14. Peak Star Party 2013

    There's nothing quite like a star party :-) The first one I went to was Kelling, then SGL then PSP. Which was probably the wrong way around, as Kelling was way too big for a first timer so I got really intimidated instead!
  15. Helios Naturesport-Plus 10x50

    Agreed, they're well made. Just scanning around is fun enough.