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  1. Those are some fantastic photos and have inspired me to give it a go.
  2. I can recomended turn left at orian for a book but I used Google sky map on my phone for the last 6 months. I think it's a great way to lern the night skys and it's free.
  3. This list of ojects and other things I need to look at through my cope now seem to be endless, I best get started...........
  4. Stevend, that is a great link thanks for that, I will be using it next time.
  5. Scope, I seem to have had my heritage 130p in the house now for ages, it's only been a week. Just managed to bag a very quick glimpse of the moon before the clouds rolled in. Nice crisp views using the 25 and 10mm EP that come with the scope, I'm a happy man.
  6. Wow worth the effort that looks like is straight out of a magazine. The star colours looks really nice.
  7. Thanks for all your help schorhr, plenty to think on. I am definitely going to have a go at the 35mm film can thing and like the idea of the 6mm 66deg EP so might start at that and may try so of the other choices when winter comes around. Thank Brian.
  8. I like the way it looks to have some nice depth to it with M13 set deep in the back ground, I know nothing of photography and less of astro photography but I like that.
  9. That is a very nice bit of kit but way out of my price range at the moment, my scope was only £70 may when I get a a skyliner 400p Scchorhe That is some very impressive information I'm not quite sure I understand it all at the moment but love the pic of the moon with the 6mm UWA. Did you use the 130mm scope for the pictures using the 2x archromatic barlow as well? They are much better views than I expected to see, what sort a EP would I need to use you get similar? I feel like I'm learning so much my head is going to pop. Thanks for your help Brian.
  10. Do you think I should be looking at replacing the 10mm with the 6mm UWA EP. Do you know what dose UWA stands for? Looks like a 6mm is what I would end up getting at some point and if the 10 is no good and a cheep Barlow is questionable I might as well get the 6mm. Planetary views are were I wanted to start and tinkering is one of my most favorite past times so making stuff is right up my street.Thanks for that link. Cheers Brian.
  11. My scope is a Heritage 130p, its an f/5. So I might go with the cap. I had see it on FLO but dismissed it as I couldn't find specific instructions on what to do with it. Doing lot of reading about collimation so I should become clear, with a bit of luck, it all sound very confusing at the moment. My scope was checked before it got sent to me so I might be OK at moment. I do have a few film cap around but they are all oval in shape from the old (ish) wide angle point and shot cameras. I will probably not get the Barlow or any EP`s after reading the sticky on EP`s in the Getting Started sec
  12. Well that has cleared a few thing up and I as I don't know any better I will follow it. Thanks Brian.
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