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  1. Hi i have a few bits and pieces of space stuff i have collected over the years. I have never owned a meteor though and i thought it might be nice to start a little collection has anybody on here got a collection and if so could you give some advice please looking on ebay there are lots but i really dont want to buy a piece of african quarry or something from someones back yard! i realise there are many types and various areas of the world that produce but how can a novice tell that they are genuine and are there reliable/ reputable dealers or sources available? cheers
  2. Thanks. Have go nothing to lose! Sketching helps fix things in the memory and i think IMHO makes for better observations.
  3. Hi tried for 16 landing site but was miles of and so was my origonal posting Sorry Astroavani Had 25mins to look and sketch pic from my note book will try again when i get more time. Enjoying the photos mind reallyvery good went to see the new apollo 11 fim at the science museum london yesterday very good very moving and wirth a watch
  4. Any thing that involves not using mega expensive kit. But favours ingenuity and a bit if effort. A back to basics to show of skill and knowledge. May be capture by sketch or image ,a given object(s) using 10x50 binos and mobile phone or small scope and DLSR with no imaging software allowed or tracking mounts. May be in an interesting setting, or with a bit of artistry to it.
  5. Best i have had 49.99 from john lewis very well made excellent lenses perfect for the pocket
  6. Yes agree with all the above re hold your horses biggest thing will be getting used to your scope and what you end up enjoying the most planets and moon are one thing but limited in the amount of time viewing because of there nature etc deep sky is great and avalible most of thd time if not cloudy. Your scope will be better suited to DSO so save the money on lenses for the moment and upgrade as you go. You may find you can then get a dedicated planet scope after a while and utilise the eye pieces you get for both. A polution filter is a must and a decent barlow as well. The 25 mm that comes with Skywatcher is fine may be upgrade the 10mm. I got a 9.5 wide relief which helps a lot it was about £80 i have the smaller 102 travel and mak 127 both great value and easy to use also remember what you see will be different to images in the magazines. Maybe get a phone holder and have a go at imagining something to do when not able to view
  7. My wife has band me from looking at this thread. Far to finacially dangerous
  8. Thats really nicely made. A real hand me down. Nice one
  9. Have a copy of this too somewhere got to find it
  10. Lol yep mine are 8x30 and russian. My Dad swears by Russian optics. He has a 6 inch refractor which is russian and the view is very good. This was ideal for gazing as a kid as very light. Used to sellotape it to a camera tripod. Had a go the other evening while walking the dog. Lens still good. Amazing what a good loft clear out uncovers!
  11. Hi Stu

    looking at dates for your astro meet on website. Is next one 29th August?

    cheers Mark

    1. Stu


      Hi Mark,

      That's right, meeting in Esher on 29th August. We have a dark site trip scheduled for 23rd or 24th August if it is clear. We would likely head to the South Downs.



    2. Mark Daniels

      Mark Daniels

      Thanks for that much appreciated be in touch 

  12. Hi

    i understand you may have found a 90 degree tgat works in the skywatcher 50ed finderscope? Using it with a barlow but ideally would like to use direct. Can you help?

    thanks Mark

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