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  1. I have a pair of the vixens they are great
  2. It might work if you use a steel hose clamp like the ones for clamping rubber hose to water fixtures clamp it around with epoxy
  3. I have the 127 and boight it as the package with mount and tripod. The tripod is well made and sturdy. It is light enough to carry in a shoulder bag. i went with that scope to look at planets as well. But because i live on the outskirts of london i needed something easy to transport and i certainly is a great grab and go. I would say though that the 127 is about the max i would use on the tripod. The tripod also makes an excellent base for an astrophotography set up. the extention pier is great IMHO . I bought a second one as i am putting a shed up to use the scopes , with a perminant p
  4. Yep i agree use it about 4 metres away. Also did the eq update which works fine and imaged a few bits to try out seemed to track well but need to align with polaris better. The counter weight was from a SW eq2 mount i got from astroboot for £10 If you update to eq then when using az mode the scope will need to be place onthe right of mount or at least my version does. great little mount for grab and go
  5. You were quite correct. The scope needs to be mounted to the right not left after update so thanks for that. still s mystery why the wifi switches off. There must be an issue with phone protocol. Works fine in one oart of my garden but seems to drop out in another bizarre
  6. Thanks worked fine it must be something to do with thecrecent eq up date i did. It is also orientating wrongly as if the alt axis is 90degrees out. Thanks
  7. Hi I am having issue with mount dropping out of wifi. set up and align , adjust then start using then intermittently it stops tracking or if i change goto to another object then it may not respond. check back to iphone settings and find it is no longer connected usually nothing else has hijacked it I have adjusted settings on iphone to ensure no priority wifi takes over but i must have missed something. any ideas? thanks
  8. This has three settings rapid slow and constant.
  9. Got this great little bike light from wlikinsons today £5.00 clamps on leg of tripod and gives a nice illumination for tray.
  10. Got a crayford focuser for my SW 102 travel. Really easy to fit and massive improvement. Highly recommoend
  11. my wife is also forgiving. She was fine but we missed being able to walk to a local bar but there really isnt much to choose from. The resort of Peurto Naos north of where we were had beach and seafront walk with a few bars etc but I dont think it would be as dark sky as the area we where. Again the travelling by car would be the same. to get the best you do need to be able to get to one of the islands view points.
  12. Yes i should have taken a tracker but my weight limit was pretty close. The milky way was hard to get without but hey ho. Also moon set around 4 am and i think the local wines prevented me getting up that early! i have ordered a omegon lx2 clockwork tracker which i hope eill solve the problem. As an island i really like Lanzarote so will experiment there next year. Seeing the observatories was great.
  13. So just got back from my La Palma adventure. So letting you guys know my humble opinion and hopefully pass on information that may be of help. Firstly its how I see the island you may obviously feel different. Big question did I enjoy it?......yes Would I visit again?.......No Are there issues going there?.....yes big time Was it value for money?......most definitely What should I take to see the stars?......depends greatly on where you are Biggest disappointment?.....bright moon Ok lets elaborate Firstly if you are going then plan very well for no moon!!!!! T
  14. Got these two. Nice and bright
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