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  1. I have a red star wave f11 and mount on a saber with a pier extension - lovely setup as recommended by the guys here. This new scope has certainly sparked an interest and if my achro is anything to go by this scope will be brilliant on planets, the moon and doubles. I await some feedback from purchasers with interest, especially when compared with the achro.
  2. That's good to know I had not heard much about the 24mm. Like the OP a 30mm for my long achro a 102 f11 may be nice.
  3. I think that you can order them direct from APM, I have had my eye on the 24mm UFF for a while. Might be worth checking but I think altair astro may do a similar Eyepiece.
  4. Jforson

    Orthoscopic eyepieces

    I think it is a great eyepiece, it is one that I use regularly. It is also surprisingly robust, I dropped mine onto my patio slabs during its first use. Not a mark on the body and optics fine - I was very lucky!
  5. Jforson

    Some odd bits for sale

    PM sent re Sky surfer
  6. Jforson

    Altair Astro ?

    I have bought a few items (incl 2 scopes and mounts) from Altair over the past few years. I have generally had a positive experience in relation to both quality and communication. However I have found it easier to pick up the phone and call because there can sometimes be a delay in responding to emails.
  7. If the sale falls through can you please let me know. Cheers. John
  8. Jforson

    COMPLETED - SOLD - Eyepiece Sale

    I will send you a pm re the 6.7mm
  9. Jforson

    Horizon Tue 7th

    Thanks for the heads up
  10. Someone can get a nice set of eyepieces here at a decent price. I appreciate that you will want to sell as a set, but if you ultimately decide to sell individually I would be keen on the 12mm that would compete my set.
  11. Jforson

    APM 24mm Ultra Flat Eyepiece

    Thanks for the feedback on the 30mm and the CN links I will have a review of them. Cheers
  12. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of using the APM Ultra Flat 24mm? Any feedback appreciated especially if you have also used an ES 24mm (68°) which I am also considering. Thanks
  13. Jforson

    Little and large

    Thanks Alan, although it is looking as if the clouds may make an appearance. We will dive out quickly!
  14. Jforson

    Little and large

    All setup for a quick lunar session with my daughter before the midges come out to bite. I am looking forward to spending some time at the Eyepiece and no doubt the 101 questions from my daughter. I hope everyone is enjoying the evening sunshine and clear skies. John

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