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  1. Still using the setup, the Ed-80 not so much (needs a new focuser). Due to the long focal length an extension tube was required, raises the sabre circa 15-16”. With the extension the mount and scope combo is really nice. Love the 102 f11 for the moon, planets and doubles. Nudging at high mag is not that bad, but I tend to use wider angled eyepieces. I do not consider it a portable setup though. This is important to me because although I live in a national park, I have three street lights within 30m of my back garden. Therefore I am limited to brighter solar system
  2. If I did not live in Scotland I would have jumped at this. good luck with the sale!
  3. I have the 102 f11 AA scope (non Ed) in red. Lovely view at the eyepiece and good fun to use. I primarily use for lunar and planets. However, as you will no doubt be aware it is a long scope and therefore needs a decent mount. I use the AA sabre mount with the following extension: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/skywatcher-eq5heq5-extension-tube.html Funnily I am actually thinking of adding a 6” SCT to the collection later this year. good luck with the choice.
  4. That looks really good and actually very compact considering you are carrying the tent, sleeping bag + food and water. Living in a national park I often do something similar but with a smaller scope (tv-60) and mount. Easier to carry but probably not as useful on the aperture front. I have had great fun with it though and although I have larger refractors there is just something that I love about my portable setup whilst wild camping.
  5. Cheers for both links. It would appear that the option put forward would be useful when used in the garden. TBH most of my observation takes place in the garden but I would also been keen on any recommendations for a re-chargeable option for use at a dark site?
  6. Just wondering what options people have considered and ultimately chosen? I am looking to purchase a power supply for this mount and would welcome some feedback.
  7. That is brilliant. Thanks for noting this, exactly what I am after!
  8. I am planning to update my grab and go options and I am after some thoughts / feedback on tripods that people are using with the skywatcher AZ GTi WiFi. I intend to use it with a tv-60 and tv-76, both with 1.25” eyepieces. I have a 2” stainless steel tripod for my heavier sabre mount and I am looking for something lighter. I have previously used a Manfrotto 190x (not fully extended) tripod with a Altair Astro mini az mount that worked well. Has anyone used a similar tripod with the GTi WiFi? What sort of mounts are people using? Budget for a mount would be approx £200.
  9. A wee bump. I am still looking for a 4mm SLV or a TV-Delite.
  10. Hi, I am looking for a 4mm SLV in good condition, similarly may consider a TV delite. Cheers John
  11. Some absolutely cracking eyepiece cases on show. I have taken some inspiration on the Camkix case for the 102mm f11 kit. Thanks to @F15Rules for the 22mm LVW, I am really looking forward to trying it out under some dark skies. The second case is a maplin special. The 32mm plossl was an impulse buy a couple of weeks ago from astrobuysell. Early test with TV-60 was promising. I have some overlap in the 18-25mm and 32-35mm range. I may need to thin out eventually. Ultimately I will probably keep the 19mm panoptic and 22mmLVW and the 35mm Baader. The next target is a
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