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  1. I cant believe this still isnt sold, just out of interest what kind of thing would you trade this for? I have two good legs, you could have one lol. Wish i had a spare 500 under the floorboards
  2. I so wish i had the money for that Starwave 102, i’m using the skywatcher 80ed ds pro but the focuser looks so much better and wont slip like my 80ed. Good luck with the rest
  3. I’ve just had a look at the 25a power supply and it looks perfect for what i need, i’m going to keep my eye out for one now. Thank you
  4. Yes i use an eqdirect seriel to usb interface and a 5m active usb lead which i’ve always used. I dont use eqmod, i use a software called GSS (Green Swamp Server) to control the scope and i use N.I.N.A and astap platesolve but its that far off lately. i do use the sharpcap polar alignment tool to Polar align but i dont do a 3 star align procedure as i only use a computer. I’ll check those power supplies out thanks.
  5. Thats a good point i'll make sure i check when i next use it
  6. Ok thank you so much, i'm thinking of buying a 25a power supply to power everything at home and one of the skywatcher mobile power banks for when taking it out. Would there be a decent power supply you know of
  7. Really? I have APT on my computer i'll check it out thanks
  8. I dont do a 2 star alignment as i only really use the eqmod and computer. I've not changed any port settings but i'll check the speeds later in device manager. The computer sends the goto command then completely over shoots to the wrong location. I use a gps receiver so i cant see it being one the location settings and always try to have a good/excellent polar alignment in sharpcap. I suppose i'm just going to have to start trying new cables/power adaptors until i get to the bottom of it. Thanks for the tips
  9. Hi i dont really use the hand controller, i use the eqmod interface connected to my computer and GS Server to control it
  10. When i use the goto to a star etc the mount ends up in the complete wrong direction and in some unusual positions.
  11. I’m going to try new a new psu i just thought if it was the psu that my computer would have lost connection altogether but I’ll definitely give it a try
  12. Its just strange, i’ve always used the same 12v 5a power pack for the mount and usb but i use 3amp to my camera and filter wheel. I’ve done some tweeks to the mount this weekend so i’ll see what happens when i next get it out.
  13. I've used it for months and its been fine but just seems to have started doing it. This shouldn;t be a problem as the hub its connected to has its own power supply but i'll check everything to make sure its tightly connected etc thanks
  14. Hi all does anyone know if there is a software you can use to check for faults in a usb lead from my computer to my mount. It all seems to connect fine but my goto’s keep just going haywire.
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