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  1. Hi i think i'm probably too late but could i be considered for the 80ed one please? thanks
  2. Ok sounds good to me thanks, can you inbox me your paypal email address please?
  3. Hi dave, do you have any pictures of ths eyepieces? Also what was the srews for exactly? Were they just to hold the 1.25 barrel in or do they have another function? Thanks
  4. Just out of interest how much would you be selling the eyepieces for? The 5, 12, 18, and 25mm? My dad was looking fir some. Sorry to hear your giving it up and hope its nothing too serious.
  5. Thank you, i'll attach a picture of the paint now.
  6. It looks ok, i made the dobsonian mount for my dad but he's retired so asked if he could paint it to give him something to do, he's done a better job than i would have lol
  7. Well if you look at the tray on the front theres a spare slot so I figured i could find a cup that will fit in there hahaha. Thank you for the tips on the paint, i really should have thought of that.
  8. What do you think guys?
  9. Hello everyone, just a quick update...... welll a lot has happened since the build and the family have had some nice nights in the obsy. soon after I finished the build I decided to take up carpentry as I thoroughly enjoyed building this. I took one year in college doing my level 1 in carpentry and joinery then landed an apprenticeship with a good firm, I am now qualified and studying advanced. for my dad it's been a bit more tricky and in hindsight would probably have been better to not go down the imaging route. we've had some nice nights but he can't really get his head round computers and all the different software. When we first talked of him buying a scope I suggested he get a big dobsonian but he was adamant that he have a big computerized telescope with an observatory lol so I did as he wanted for his retirement. sadly as time has gone on he's realized that he just wants to use a telescope for visual and not imaging(after spending a fair few quid on imagining equipment) So I decided I'd make him a dobsonian mount for his 250pds. I've done most of it and left it at my dads as he wanted something to do in the week. It's now been painted and I am going to put it all back together at weekend. hope all is well folks
  10. The blue was the original post on here. This one is mine
  11. Hey thanks for all the advice guys. I found a design i quite liked and went with it while trying to improve it where I could. The design I found was from a member on here so I just made a few tweaks and hopefully the user doesn't mind me getting a few ideas. one of the things I was worried about was the base on the dobsonian but I found something that works perfectly, it's called a lazy Susan bearing and can hold 450kgs. Some of the other tweaks were I used some heavy duty flight case handles, some metal plates where the bolt for the ota is mounted and a spring action door stop which I'm thinking of grinding down to a bit of a point. i'll attach a picture of the lazy Susan bearing and the mount and scope before its been painted and the another next week when I've had time to paint it. this was just a test run and we have proper plastic hand grip bolts coming.
  12. sorry i missed your comment, yes I've balanced the scope in both axis but as for the cables, this was something i was worried about. I was worried about me securing them too tight because they might get tangled or pulled. Do you know of any good particular way of securing them? thank you
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