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  1. Thanks Mike, and much appreciated. I had no idea that Moonlite made these and they look solid, nicely machined and have decent mounting options. It's also a simpler design that would be easier to machine, though the cost is not too daft!
  2. Can anyone suggest a source/supplier for a similar twin ball end joint for truss tubes?
  3. Good to see the OO back in service and delivering some very decent images/animation. Looks like you had pretty even seeing over the course of the animation, hoping we get a few more calm evenings this season!
  4. Wonderful quality images and animation - thanks for posting these up Avani
  5. Cheers Craig - though the Telementor/T2 mount was purely a visual treats while capturing the images on my OO250 on a somewhat pushed Heq5 mount. You can get quite nice Albedo variation on Ganymede, though probably more pronounced here as a sharpening artefact!
  6. That's a cracker Angie, wonderful level of detail and a very soft/sensitive process to get such a natural result. A nicely tuned 8" SCT to boot
  7. Thank you Dave - I've had plenty of clear sky, but seem to have so little energy left at the end of the day! That said it was fantastic to get out last night and I even had the telementor out, testing some recent EP aquisitions on Jupiter and the moon. It's a cracking little scope and was delivering nice surface details with CircleT 6mm volcano top (x140) - pretty sure I could push it further on the moon, but keeping on target with the manual mount is a bit of a chore!
  8. Blimey, the PI Gods smiled last night giving fair conditions and, at times, reasonable seeing for Jupiter's opposition. Only a cursary look at the data this morning, but managed four decent runs around 22:40 and 23:00. Sadly the seeing deteriorated after a meridian flip, despite retuning collimation and ADC tweaking, so gave up as the GRS was appearing. Still it was great to get out and get a little use from the gear Forgot to adjust the colour balance on the second image, but only a quick first pass!
  9. Great capture Avani, bursting with detail!
  10. I've managed a few early morning runs with Jupiter this year, but not had the best of conditions and a few problems with my ascom focuser. Anyway, enough of the excuses - things ran a little smoother this morning and the seeing was intermittently reasonable with good-moderate trans. I also caught my first sight of the GRS, which was reward enough for braving the cold. I was using the TV x 3 barlow, ASI224MC and ZWO ADC.
  11. Nice going Freddie - nice level of detail and a great presentation.
  12. Interesting prediction of a naked eye visible nova for 2022, creating a new star in Cygnus, reported in the Register . Hopefully 1800ly should be a safe enough distance to enjoy the spectacle, though no doubt UK astronomers will be mired in the usual impenetrable clouds. Hopefully the predictions can be refined to get as many assets on target as possible to capture the full period, rather than just witnessing the after glow.
  13. I followed TekkyDave's thread, to make my own ascom compliant stepper focuser - Perhaps £ 35 in parts from ebay and steppers online and some rough soldering, driving the standard OC2 focuser (coarse focus). Works a treat from Fire Capture and was really handy with the small adjustments for individual filters when shooting mono sequences on the, 'almost' parfocal Baader CCD filters - not quite so relevant now I've moved over to the one shot IMX224. Though the ADC moves the focal point a little, so need to adjust focus as this is tweaked. The problem now is that the image train is so long that it's nigh impossible to hold accurate collimation due to flex - need to try and shorten this - change barlow or make a longer OTA tube! I've already slid the mirror cell back to it's fullest extent.
  14. Good going Neil - there's some decent detail coming through here and nice to see the OO 250 in service again. I got close to this on Tuesday morning, but despite good transparency the seeing was poor to horrendous this morning, Jupiter this was a big dancing blob of gas on my sensor and I gave up after two hours! Always good to get out though and I managed to sort the problems with my Arduino focuser, so not a total loss!
  15. High pressure and clear - just might have an early morning session on Jupiter tomorrow!