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  1. Nothing wrong with that forecast, you just need a few 1000m's of elevation to get above the pesky cloud base;)
  2. Could I have the AA adaptor plate - please pm price and prefered payment method with postage to PO355QT - Jake
  3. It is strange how the preview can be such a fickle guide to the end result. I have nights when I can see real detail in preview and disappointing results - other nights the opposite when preview mush turns out decent results. Would be interested to hear theories on this! Still joy to be had from the peace and process
  4. Well done John, great image - you did very well keeping that on the chip by hand at that focal length 3000mm+
  5. The clouds a killer - hopefully tomorrow will be clear. Still worth having a go at dusk and Dawn if you can find Jupiter, it's bright enough even as the sky turns blue.
  6. Unusually things were fair and pretty stable last night and I managed to get a dozen decent runs in - might even feel an animation coming on! Anyway a quick taster for anyone watching - I believe that Ganymede was in transit, though I lost it after it crossed on to the disk - maybe it went behind! Resized 125% but otherwise a very quick trial process - never seem to get much further than this, but perhaps one wet week I may get some time to settle in to it
  7. Thanks Michael - look forward to the new process and thanks for the link, looks like Emil's been hard at work so will give the new version a test drive on last nights data
  8. Really nice results Michael and nice depth/detail in this. Catluc squeezes the extra detail out, but on balance I think I prefer the slightly smoother/softer process on this. What's with this AS!3 then - have you got a direct link into Emil's alpha test programme
  9. Excellent result and loads of detail from the 200P - working very nicely indeed!
  10. I would like the mirror cell if it's still available. Postage would need to be Royal Mail to avoid any daft courier surcharge for the IOW, but happy to pay the standard 2nd class postage for this. I'll pm address if you want to confirm the postage amount. Regards - Jake
  11. Hard work sometimes Pete, but still a rewarding image - the sensitivity and high frame rates of these modern cams is really helping to make the most of the brief better moments.
  12. It's still a cracking result from the C8 at 5m focal length or F25. Hope you manage to nail the artefact and will keep an eye on the this thread. I'm sure I recall a similar comment/effect with the ASI120, which was particularly pronounced at lower gain settings - but I can't recall enough to find the thread.
  13. Nice result Michael and some good detail popping through here - I get similar ringing effects with my setup, though it seems to be exacerbated by aggressive wavelet sharpening. I don't think its a rotation effect per se, but interested in a definitive explananation. What scope and focal length are you using?
  14. I only did one run last night at 2224, then messed about with collimation, tweaked the ADC and chased focus for a good 90 minutes before packing up. However, I did get one 120 second capture as an experiment and was quite surprised to get a reasonable result despite the conditions. I've done two stacks, one of 2500 frames and another of 3500 from the capture of 12,385 at 640x480 (3.5GB of data). 2500 frames vs 3500 frames There's possibly a tad more saturation on the larger stack size, but perhaps unsurprisingly have sacrificed some fine detail for a smoother image. It does demonstrate that the high frame rates and large stacks can still yeild credible results despite poor conditions.
  15. Bad luck Michael, I think we were just on the edge of some more stable air, but hopefully things will settle for you and even remain clear over the next week! Cheers Stu - it was one of those nights when it was possibly better for visual, I think the eye/brain is better at filtering out the fast wobbly seeing. I did take a wider field shot with Io, Ganymede and Europa in frame which I'll take a look at later. Callisto was a little too far out for the small cmos at these focal lengths