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  1. SnakeyJ

    Jupiter from Bembridge 14/06

    Thanks Steve - great place to live though and it is nice to finally get out under clear skies for a couple of hours and get the gear to work. It's my first attempt with the CGE/nexremote and I've completely rewired the hub power. A few teething problems and fighting a little drift as I've only done a rough polar alignment - but should get easier/quicker with a few refinements.
  2. SnakeyJ

    Jupiter from Bembridge 14/06

    It's certainly a tough time to do PI from the UK, though we should get a reasonable chance with Mars heading in to the low 40's this winter Another three years before Jupiter starts to climbs higher than it is now. For the patient planetary imager 2024 and 2025 are looking like decent years for Jupiter and Mars from the UK, but it's a full 10 years before Saturn climbs above 40 degrees altitude. Perhaps I can retire to Acension Island - though I'm not sure you can actually live there without employment!
  3. SnakeyJ

    Jupiter from Bembridge 14/06

    not quite as respectable as my last one from last year....
  4. It's been well over a year since my last shot at Jupiter and I've had many other things to contend with, but have finally setup the obs, new mount and electrics - a very rushed session this evening with fast seeing and low angles, lots of new kit to setup and get used to, but I do have one shot of Jupiter in the bag for this year.
  5. Welcome back Emad - good to see you're back in the game and heading for darker skies!
  6. SnakeyJ

    Cable Management

    That's the stuff! I get mine from work, but identical to this: https://www.hookandloopfasteners.co.uk/fasteners/velcro-brand-one-wrap-black-10mm-wide.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwgYPZBRBoEiwA2Xeupbty4cG0kJqhp5ylNyCbtXL5VUCfFpOhQz3gfa_u45QsaULk_xq7OhoCHvcQAvD_BwE
  7. SnakeyJ

    Cable Management

    I tried spiral wrap, but it is stiff and a pain to change the harness when you want to change scopes or image train. I just brought a roll of velcro and tie cables together every 6-8". The whole loom gets supported and tied in around the pier below the mount and all the cables running to the scope are secured to the mid point of the dovetail/cradle, with sufficient slack for slewing, but not too much to snag! It's much easier to add/remove cables to the loom. I also try to bundle the power and usb/serial cables separately - though not too obsessively
  8. SnakeyJ

    Pulsar 2.2 m Dome roller design

    Personally I'd go down the Lesvedome route, as Tony and Steve have done: I have the newer style pulsar dome, but still baulk at the £2,600 cost of Pulsar's own dome automation (Dome Drive + Shutter Drive). A fully automated system based on Lesvedome can be had for £ 500 or less and there are some excellent build threads and tips here and at other well known sites.
  9. SnakeyJ

    JamesF's observatory build

    I'd be all up for the foxes, or badgers, hedgehogs (pretty much anything other than rats or a big wasp/hornet nest that closed the observatory. However, having kept chickens briefly on multiple occasions, I totally understand James taking sensible precautions to dissuade the foxes
  10. SnakeyJ

    JamesF's observatory build

    I'm pretty sure that any of the waterproof foaming gap filling adhesives would do a good job with concrete block, as it's such a large and pourous area to join (gorilla glue?). Otherwise a tube of masonry/fixing epoxy resin should give a bomb proof bond. I've bolted my piers down on 16mm rebar - galvanised as I'm sure this will still outlive me! When I moved out of the last house I bolted the roll off roof down, took away the runners, removed the pier and ground the bolts off with an angle grinder. The shed conversion took 2-3 hours, or about 1/50th of the observatory build time and the new owner was very pleased with the posh shed!
  11. SnakeyJ

    COMPLETED - 12-16" OO VX

    Could one of the Mods please close this wanted ad/thread - Looks like I'm all sorted now, thanks
  12. Thanks Gina - I had wrongly assumed that the PSU had three distinct 12v rails , but this makes things a good deal simpler and I will cross bond the -ve cables and install the V/A meter in series - simples! Much appreciated - Jake
  13. Thanks Jim - I guess it was a little light on pictures! The PSU is mounted in parallel, with three DC outputs connected independently to; 1-Astrozap, 2 and 3 go to car type four way fuse blocks which will supply the mount and other output loads. I've drawn a very rough diagram with my daughter's felt tip pens: I'm trying to balance the loads across the three 12V output rails, but ideally would like to be able to monitor the combined Voltage and load across all three rails or potentially be able to switch this so I can see each output in turn. Still a work in progress, but trying to shoehorn this into an IP rated box that came with the mount. This will be fixed to the pier with the Dew Controller and VA meter mounted to the hinged front, opening up with input mains supply to bottom. Edit - Not a great angle/view, but note that I have doubled up the 12V output wiring between the PSU and the chocolate block, where it will connect to the fuse blocks and Astrozap.
  14. Just wiring up a new Mount power hub for my much neglected observatory - I have a 12V 30A switched power supply that outputs 3 x 12V rails, that I want to power; Celestron CGE, startech USB3 hub, SGL focuser, Astrozap dual channel dew controller and probably a small primary mirror fan. Can I assume the PSU provides approx 10A to each rail? Is there a clever way I could wire in a single DC Volt/Ammeter, so I could either see the combined output over all three rails, or perhaps have some form of switch so I could monitor one at a time? I could of course buy three, but lack the space to mount multiple meters on the front of my box and keen to keep things as dark as possible.
  15. SnakeyJ

    Vixen green rings for 80M scope

    I'm using mine, but have just measured them at 92-93mm diameter if this helps. Sure that 90mm allow sufficient range to accommodate.

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