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  1. Hi I've had a couple of 450d's & I have to be honest the mini usb connector is notoriously weak! I had exactly what you are describing an intermittent connection. In the end both of mine gradually separated from the main motherboard, I had to move over to one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Timer-Remote-Control-Shutter-Release-For-Canon-600D-60D-550D-500D-450D-700D-70D-/112453258280?hash=item1a2ebc8c28:g:Rg4AAOSwyWZZTIey
  2. Yes found it Brilliant many thanks
  3. Yes I think my son put a light on! but its not a massively bright light so shouldn't effect the setup except I noticed the DSLR was pointing back towards the house! I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this & if indeed its the DSLR's viewfinder causing it
  4. Hi Can anyone tell me why I've got this funny stray light on some of my subs??? I've got a great big dew shield on my scope which is pointed heavenward, most of my subs are ok but I have a few that have this strange shaped orange light at the top end of the picture. The only thing I could think of is maybe some light is getting in via the DSLR itself. Could this happen? Is it coming through the DSLR's viewfinder or something? If so any ideas how to stop it? Sorry so many questions but after struggling for over an hour to sort a problem with setup I was pulling my hair out anyway & then this GGGRRRrrrr!
  5. Just had a look at some of your pics wow!!!! totally awesome. Probably a stupid question but you said you don't use dark's by using dithering but do you use flats or bias frames?
  6. brilliant many thanks
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply I set the dithering distance to 3 in APT & also raised the scale in PHD2 to 2.0. I can certainly see the difference between subs(they do move around). Am I right in thinking that if the dithering is done right there is no need to take any darks at all? Mind you not sure how I'd know the dithering was moving enough! I'll have to keep an eye on the Settle time to, at the moment its set to 15. thanks again for your advice
  8. Just a quick question What settings do you guys (the experts) use in the APT guiding section for dithering when filming with a DSLR? I use good old PHD2 with a guidecam. I really want to know how much of a dither is required to get the desired effect. thanks
  9. Canon 450D for imaging

    You can even use the Canon Utility 2 software that comes with the camera (Free!!)
  10. D shaped stars

    Hi I've the same problem with my 150p can I ask how much you cut off the focuser barrel? also have you noticed it effect the performance in any way either in visual or astrophotography? Basically is it worth doing? thanks
  11. Last few items for sale

    I'll have the Anti-mar Compression ring adapter for Newtonian focuser. VGC £18 delivered Let me know if thanks
  12. Don't know if it helps but I had a sensor tilt in a 450d which could be clearly seen when you take a 15 second shot of a bright star through a reflector telescope. You can clearly see the reflection is out near the star (see below) its down & to the right a bit. This also effected the focus too. My scope was not the problem as when tried with another camera the reflection was dead center. In my case I found out that the chap who astro modified it accidentally allowed a couple of shims to fall out during the process. I took the camera apart & removed the remaining 4 shims so the sensor lie's flat & it sorted the problem. hope you sort the problem
  13. What else could go wrong?

    Oh boy I feel your pain I had an absolute stinker last night, I made the mistake of saying to myself after a half hour setup how content I was that all was going so well. Then the gremlins started, eventually after 1 & a half hours trying to figure out why several things weren't doing what they should had to give up on guiding & went for 30 sec subs instead All in all pretty cheesed off AH well never mind!!
  14. All sorted Took camera apart took out all of the remaining shims Fired up the beast- tilt is gone focus looks to be the same as the 1100d see pics below again exactly the same setup for both pictues 1100d & then the 450d Many thanks for all your helpful comments
  15. Astro Mod help Shims!!

    Thanks for all your advice Took the camera apart & found four shims when there should have been 6 (2 in three places) removed the remaining four (as autofocus was not needed) & low & behold the tilt is gone & focus looks good. So chuffed Thanks to all for your helpful comments