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  1. You can even use the Canon Utility 2 software that comes with the camera (Free!!)
  2. Hi I've the same problem with my 150p can I ask how much you cut off the focuser barrel? also have you noticed it effect the performance in any way either in visual or astrophotography? Basically is it worth doing? thanks
  3. I'll have the Anti-mar Compression ring adapter for Newtonian focuser. VGC £18 delivered Let me know if thanks
  4. Don't know if it helps but I had a sensor tilt in a 450d which could be clearly seen when you take a 15 second shot of a bright star through a reflector telescope. You can clearly see the reflection is out near the star (see below) its down & to the right a bit. This also effected the focus too. My scope was not the problem as when tried with another camera the reflection was dead center. In my case I found out that the chap who astro modified it accidentally allowed a couple of shims to fall out during the process. I took the camera apart & removed the remaining 4 shims so the sensor lie's flat & it sorted the problem. hope you sort the problem
  5. Oh boy I feel your pain I had an absolute stinker last night, I made the mistake of saying to myself after a half hour setup how content I was that all was going so well. Then the gremlins started, eventually after 1 & a half hours trying to figure out why several things weren't doing what they should had to give up on guiding & went for 30 sec subs instead All in all pretty cheesed off AH well never mind!!
  6. All sorted Took camera apart took out all of the remaining shims Fired up the beast- tilt is gone focus looks to be the same as the 1100d see pics below again exactly the same setup for both pictues 1100d & then the 450d Many thanks for all your helpful comments
  7. Thanks for all your advice Took the camera apart & found four shims when there should have been 6 (2 in three places) removed the remaining four (as autofocus was not needed) & low & behold the tilt is gone & focus looks good. So chuffed Thanks to all for your helpful comments
  8. It was only a diy mod by a user on here who then sold it to me & I think he didn't intend to leave out the two shims but as the camera was to be used only for astro & hence autofocus was not needed thought there wouldn't be a problem. I just really wanted to find out if I'd have further problems gaining focus through my scope if I removed the third shim myself to alleviate the apparent sensor tilt (basically would it be worth taking it all apart in the hope my original focus problem would be sorted)
  9. I think the shims came out while the camera was being modded & they forgot to put them back in or something rather than them falling out so I assume the sensor is securely screwed down. I just wanted to know if there would be other focus problems if I removed the remaining shim because it would obviously move the sensor closer to the front of the camera
  10. Hi Ok over the past few months through a process of elimination its seems I have a sensor tilt on my astro modded 450d which is causing focus problems for astro use. After some investigating & discussion with the chap who did the mod two of the three shims (I'm assuming from the Gary Honis mod page there are 3 shims) fell out during the mod leaving maybe only 1 shim left, so my question is if I opened it up & took the last shim out hence hopefully stopping the sensor tilt would that sort the focus problem or would it make it worse? by the way I don't want to use the camera for daytime use only astro so don't need the autofocus. thanks
  11. Hi Ronin thanks for your reply With regards to the taking of pictures during the day I didn't use auto focus. I focus it manually & the photo looks ok but its when you zoom in on the lcd camera screen or even on on a laptop after downloading it the picture just isn't sharp at all. Is that basically what you were talking about even though I focused manually? Also as well as using the 150p I tried taking some pictures through my Mak 127 without the MPCC but with a 1.25 IR cut filter from a planet webcam but the the focus still isn't sharp & the off center reflection is still there so does that mean that if I got the Astronomik CLS CCD clip filter it wouldn't make any difference? I'm wondering if there is a problem with the mod itself (Like the comment made about one of the shims being missing) Very frustrating
  12. I managed to get out last night & have an experiment. I took pics with the MPCC in Place & without it & no difference they both have the same focus problem, this makes me wonder if the comment made about the little shims being missing could be right!! I've added a pic of the focus with Bahtiknov which looks good but if you zoom in on any of the smaller stars away from center the focus is clearly wrong any ideas what that could be? taken without MPCC
  13. Sorry I meant to ask if it has the IR block also? If so I would be interested thanks
  14. Hi is the clip filter the ccd version?
  15. Thanks for your comment, something else to think about. I will try that, mind you won't any pressure on the camera (by hand) body cause vibration & muck up the picture too?