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  1. Nice to see a Jupiter sketch from you David I've only sketched it once myself the apparition and that was back in November!!
  2. Very nice Mike, it reminds me of one of the really early sketches of Jupiter. You've certainly got a very sharp eye, the sketch above showing the GRS at x90 is pretty amazing considering just how big the planet must have been in the eyepiece!
  3. Hi everyone Well I haven't even seen M42 this year but I'm definitely going to head out with the scope over the next couple weeks so will make sure I take a peak My sketch of M42 is from a couple years ago from my old 16" under pretty good skies. I didn't use a filter although I did try both UHC and OIII but preferred the view filterless.
  4. Happy New Year to everyone on SGL, lets hope for skies skies for 2016.
  5. A very tricky object to sketch but you did a great job of it Marios. Happy New year to you too!
  6. Glad you finally had a good test for your new scope on Jupiter Gerry. Its nights like that really gives us a chance to see what our equipment is capable of.
  7. Wow!! I'd be very happy with that on my wall!!
  8. Great pics and sketches young Nick! I've only got back into observing again since the summer and chances to get out have been few and far between. I've had a couple memorable lunar observations but I guess the one night that sticks in my mind the most was when I observed the NAN using a 9x50 finder with a 2" OIII balanced on top, just goes to show that aperture isn't everything!!
  9. Looks like a worth while upgrade to me. I'm not going to rush into getting it though. I'II probably wait until the release SS5 for OSX then upgrade, they probably would have ironed out all the bugs by then as well.
  10. Your keen observing skills and this scope is a great match Piero, looking forward to hearing more of your reports. (don't forget that with increase aperture and decent transparency/seeing you can really push the magnification.)
  11. But there are literally thousands of objects which are elusive and challenging?
  12. Basically the darker it is the larger it appears in the EP, seeing the dust lane from dark skies is easy but you need excellent transparency when its close to zenith to be able to spot the second fainter dust lane.
  13. Looks very nice Gerry! Does it use bearings (like a lazy susan) or teflon pads for the azi movements? As much as I also love the idea of the filter slider I cant see how this would work with a Feathertouch and SIPPs, did you ask Randy if it was possible to use both in any way? Seriously awesome scope!!!!
  14. I've been looking at AstroSystems as well Mike. Its weird but there's loads of UC dob makers in Europe but I wouldn't want a UC for a sub f/4 18" or 20" scope. A Telekit still works out cheaper than a Lukehurst and they do look a lot better IMO. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your scope Gerry, unless I've missed that post somewhere?
  15. I experimented with many of the cheaper filters available then bought decent polished Lumicon and Baader filters in the colours I preferred. I don't know how much difference there is in polished vs cheaper filters but I like to keep anything thats in the optical train as good as I can and even the decent filters aren't bank breakers TBH.
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