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  1. Excellent report. I have the same problem from home. I must try the same thing.
  2. Funny this should pop up again- I was doing this earlier in the week in a Bresser 127l. I was using the Baader zoom and the seeing was a bit wobbly, but at 12mm they were split and staying split, so bang on 100x.
  3. I've an 8 inch dob and a slightly smaller Mak than the ones you're looking at. I think the short answer to your question is that either would do just fine. For those targets I wouldn't worry too much about light pollution as both the moon and planets are pretty bright. For my money the dob will give slightly better views and would also allow you to start going after DSOs more successfully if your interests move onto these later, so that's the direction I'd take. However- a dob has the downsides of being larger (for storage) and also needing collimation more frequently (a Mak very rarely needs
  4. Another Whirlpool... I was having an observing session on Sunday night when I spotted the "Bridge of Light" between the 2 galaxies in the dob and started thinking it was worth setting the imaging rig running. I planned 15 mins/channel RGB then onto luminance but unfortunately clouds arrived after 40 minutes and put paid to that. Last night was clear again though and gave me a chance to get some luminance too- this is a couple of hours worth to combine with the RGB. Very pleased to get the tidal tale. I hear a lot of people stopping due to the lack of astro darkness, but I'm beginning to think
  5. I use one of these- it's great and not subject to the astronomy tax that you're talking about. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Leifheit-Multi-Seat-Niveau-White/dp/B0000DH7KA/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ironing+chair&qid=1622217849&sprefix=ironing+cha&sr=8-3 I notice that there are cheaper ones now as well. Only downside is that Amazon spam you about disability living aids for about a month after you buy it...
  6. It's a couple of years since I imaged M13, and I had an hour last night before clouds were due so it was nice to have another go. This is 40x 30s per channel RGB on an ASI1600mm/Explorer 200p combo mounted on an HEQ5. I love seeing contrasting colours in stars, so I've deliberately over-saturated- just a taste thing really, it's not supposed to be realistic, but hopefully nice to look at.
  7. Thanks for posting about this @John, it's a new one for me. I had a little session last night, in a 14" dob it was relatively easy to find and obvious as a glob even at quite low mag. With my baader zoom it was a bit of a smudge at 8mm, but in my binoviewers (which give me x264) I was able to resolve faintly around the edges, even though seeing wasn't especially brilliant last night. Small, but neat and pretty! I'm now wishing I'd posted my thanks last night because I would have seen your other observations and could have had a go at then as well. Ah well, save something for next time..
  8. Yes- it is nuts, for all the reasons you've outlined. But it's not as daft as observing. At least with imaging you can capture the full beauty of the object, even if it's a pricey way to achieve worse results than a Google search. For most objects, observers catch a faint hint that's barely recognisable and then get all excited about it. I say this as someone with a passionate love of both pursuits. I've been observing for 6 years now and imaging for 4, and it has enriched my life even more than it has emptied my bank account. All a bit silly really, but I'm very happy with it.
  9. Took this one back in March, but just re-processed and more pleased with the result. This is an 60x 1 min subs on an AA183c, with a 50mm f1.8 Canon "Nifty Fifty" and a Baader Ha filter, getting a good chunk of Monoceros.
  10. ...and this is my second effort, from 16th April, this time on Messier 106 and friends- 90 minutes luminance and 90 minutes RGB taken with the same setup and with some of the dust and patchy background left in .
  11. This is my first effort-from 6th April. Originally posted in the imaging section a while back, but suddenly occurred to me it could live here as well: the old favourite of Bodes and Cigar. Been having a play with with it- It's a smarter looking image without the dust, but less realistic, so I've decided to keep it in. This is 3 hours of Luminance and 90 mins RGB captured with an ASI1600mm Pro in a SW 200p Explorer on an HEQ5. Plus my new secret weapon: an IDAS D2 filter over the Coma Corrector (brings out the Ha really nicely!).
  12. Excellent report- quite an inspiration. Loving the phrase "averted imagination" as well. I definitely suffer from this on occasion.
  13. Thanks Vlaiv- I like that second spectrum above- that all makes sense. I'm a bit guilty of taking the pretty picture approach to astro images, but I might have a go later at seeing if I can match the Ha to what I can see through a filter held up to a light.
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