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  1. Whistlin Bob

    SW 200p and SW low profile crayford

    PM Sent for the OTA...
  2. Whistlin Bob

    Most satisfying observations?

    In 2014 I was given an unwanted 3" newt. I was playing with it one summer night out of curiousity. It was frustrating in every way- everything was upside down and back to front, I more or less had to weld my eye to the eyepiece to see anything and I seemed to need to be a yoga guru to look through the finder. Then, whilst pointing at (I thought) a bright star it turned out to have stripes and moons. It was Jupiter- in my back garden! 5 years later I've spent thousands, but my life has been enriched immeasurably. I've had many, many views that have been the most wonderful experiences and I'm so excited by the things I've not yet seen (the horse head? Sirius pup? Stephen's quintet?), but I don't think anything will compare to the moment that I realised that the night sky was not just a pretty sight, but a window on the nature of our existence that I could look through in my own garden with an instrument as sophisticated as a shaving mirror in an oversized toilet roll tube. Sorry- got a bit heavy there, but it was a wonderful moment!
  3. Whistlin Bob

    SW 200, 150 or 130PDS

    Lots of good advice on here. You probably already have information overload, but my thoughts: - I bought an HEQ5 second hand, it's been great and I've almost never heard a bad word said about them, except for the polar alignment bolts which are a bit rubbish but can be replaced. - My 200p works fine on the mount but is big and unwieldy to work with. - I use the SW CC and adaptor on a Canon DSLR and it's been painless and effective. - I doubt you'll regret either 130 or 150, but aperture is much less important than f-ratio for ap. The main difference is in field of view- think about what you want to image and use this to check what you'll get on your camera. For example- the 150 will struggle to fit in Andromeda on an APS-C sensor, but a 130 will be fine. On the other hand smaller objects are tiny on it. https://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ Good luck and don't worry too much- all of the choices you're juggling with are good ones.
  4. Whistlin Bob

    Show us your setup in the snow.....

    No snow for me but it was pretty chilly overnight on Saturday
  5. Whistlin Bob

    Heads up ! Starcount !

    Does the Nebula itself count as 1? I counted it as one. 18 altogether. Quite pleased with that! I think it would have been less before the led lights- good for looking but bad for imaging. Although after seeing Carole's excellent efforts from bortle 8 I'm keeping quiet!
  6. Whistlin Bob

    iso and exposure question?

    @jonnydreads setting the iso high doesn't cause more light to hit the sensor it just causes the sensor to react more to the light that's hitting it. That may sound like a good thing, but it actually decreases the accuracy with which the camera captures the colour of that light and increases the noise. Most camera's have a sweet spot which balances the ISO with the time taken to capture and noise generated. I've got a Canon 600d and that sweet spot is ISO800.
  7. Whistlin Bob

    What to expect from UHC and OIII filters

    I do wonder how much this is about aperture and the ability to 'push' light through a relatively narrow bandpass. I have an 8" and 14" dob. In the 8" the change is marginal at best, but in the 14" it makes quite a difference. The texture and contrast on M42 is amazing in oiii on the 14", but it also loses some bits of the structure. And as others have said, it transforms the veil.
  8. Whistlin Bob

    All the 2018 entries

    Have come back to this page several times now. Just wonderful images.
  9. Was just about to post exactly the same advice as @Davey-T. To emphasise the point, the shot below was captured with a DSLR using an 8 inch scope on a dobsonian mount which isn't motorised at all (and well under £500). Wouldn't get away with that for planets though....
  10. Whistlin Bob

    Imaging with the 130pds

    It's hard going out in the cold sometimes- especially if the weather is uncertain.
  11. Whistlin Bob

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Hi Matt- yes the theory would suggest that, but I've tried this in practice and the longer exposures are giving me better results. I initially tried 5 minute exposures when I got the Ha filter and have gradually built up to ten and the results are definitely better. I think the cold weather helps!
  12. Whistlin Bob

    Buying a starter DSLR camera

    I bought a canon 600d body with 8000 shutter count from camera jungle for £150 (it had a few marks on it but works fine, they do lenses too)- and then had it modded. Been very happy with it.
  13. Whistlin Bob

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Always a bit tricky imaging under a bright moon, but even more so when you’re in clumsy mode. Last night I managed to disconnect the power from my mount whilst aligning. Twice! Then I dropped an eyepiece by slewing the scope without having it fixed properly (fortunately it landed on the rubber eye cup). Finally I spent ages trying to work out why I couldn’t focus my guide-scope until the penny finally dropped that I was twiddling with the locking ring and not the focuser. So I’m taking this picture as a victory of the scope over its owner! 15x 10 min subs – Canon 600d – 130 pd-s- 7nm Ha filter.
  14. Whistlin Bob

    ZWO 1600 pro 2018 recap

    Wow- those pictures are really quite an achievement from your location. Really enjoyed the video- thanks for sharing. Hope we all get some clear skies soon

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