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  1. Selling the following items: 1. ZWO Asiair PRO - EUR 265 (currently retails for EUR 359) - EUR 94 saving SOLD 2. ZWO EAF + Hand controller - EUR 200 (they currently retail for EUR 239 + EUR 48 respectively) - EUR 87 saving SOLD 3. ZWO ASI120MM-S + ZWO GuideScope - EUR 175 All items are in mint condition, having seen little to no use. They were all bought this year, in the last months. They come in their original boxes, with the exceptions of the EAF hand controller and the ZWO GuideScope, as I received them in bubblewrap from TS. I am selling them be
  2. Yup, nice little gadget. It is a bit weird for photographic use though, as it generates a very unique ‘donut shaped’ bokeh. De gustibus.. I got it because of the optics and because I was curious of what an f6 Mak would be like (they are usually f12-f15). Optically, it does a very good job as a finder, but it is far from being an optimal solution as it weights a ton. I guess I’m just a stubborn LZOS fan:))
  3. Hello stargazers! I am currently making room for new acquisitions, so I am letting go of the following: 1. APM LZOS 105/650 - EUR 3200 The scope is in mint condition. I bought it from APM in February this year. It features a black piano finish, weighs approx 7kg with rings and dovetail and is ~510 mm long, making it airline portable. The scope comes with front and end caps, rings, handle, Vixen dovetail, 2.5” ZTA focuser with finder shoe and a transport case. It also comes with a certificate showing a Strehl ratio of 0,969. I can also provide the original
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