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  1. and at the Isle of Wight StarParty at Brightstone in March I got a 21.2 reading with my SQM-L meter.
  2. At the April meeting of Baker Street Irregular Astronomers in Regent's Park I obtained a reading of 17.3 - it's tough in London!
  3. The increased light pollution problem at Cwmdu is not confined to the village LED streetlights but the skyglow on the southern horizon due to LEDs in neighbouring towns is now a whitish light, broader and taller, than the the previous yellow light pollution. Fixing Cwmdu lights by dimming and shrouding wont alter this. The SQM readings I took over the weekend were not that different from those taken before the National Park applied for Dark Sky Reserve status.
  4. a popular target at AstroCamp, Brecon Beacons last weekend. Great view on Apr 24: bulbous tail just visible through my 3" WOGT81 x24.
  5. Herschel wedge for your Tak? I thought of bagging one for my WO but as the Sun is heading for minimum perhaps not the best time to buy to observe photosphere ;-).
  6. will be joining you on Frac Alley with my WO GT81 and Lunt LS60HaT on Saturday. Will you solar observing on SUNday?
  7. Position as from London on Aug 19. Data on 2014 JO25 had to be uploaded to Stellarium through solar system editor.
  8. With my Lunt 60 I use my old Vixen NLV 20mm to gain a small, clear bright image of the entire disc in focus. Increasing magnification with my range of Televues, especially am 8mm Delos, is great for following flaring but the feature needs to be centrally placed in the sweet spot and eye position becomes more critical. Of course the image becomes darker.
  9. The next monthly meeting of the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers is planned for one April evening from our 'launch window' of 18th, 19th or 20th. The date to be decided on the 17th when weather forecasts have been considered. Held of the terrace of the Hub, Regent's Park from 6:30pm until 11.00pm, anyone is welcome to attend. The meetings are fun, educational, family friendly and free of charge; no need to bring any equipment. If you know London friends who have never seen Jupiter and its four Galilean moons through a telescope tell them not to miss this opportunity.
  10. Heron cabin H20 now booked. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. Many thanks for the replies. I'm au fait with the etiquette of star-parties, particular in regard to red/white light illumination. I shall pop along to the red field to enquire as per your advice at nightfall. p.s. as a townie I have to ask what is an adder? Some kind of imaging kit?...
  12. I'm a newbie to Kelling, hoping to attend for the first time in September. I'm aware accommodation is limited - I have been offered a Heron lodge (i know, luxury - but I DO'NT CAMP UNDER CANVAS). It's not far from the red and yellow fields. I'm a visual observer, in the UK I use a grab & go 3" refactor on a manual AZ4 mount (I know - true nonGOTO, quick set up and photons soon on eyeballs). My first question is will I be able to set up away from imagers and away from the Herons? I'm told the red and yellow fields are close by the Herons. Thanking the Kelling pros, in advance...
  13. If anyone is in London on Monday bring the family to Regent's Park in the evening from 6.30 onwards for my annual MoOnday lunar gazing event. Occurrring at First Quarter and during the school holidays it a fun, educational, free and family (and pets)-friendly meeting. Many scopes and bins to look through. Just turn up at the Hub, close to the Monkey Gate, Outer Circle, NW1 More details on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/events/416528415362230/
  14. I paid 79 pounds - rather expensive for one person, car and two telescopes! But I booked months ahead and sometimes a discount wangled by the organisers can be gained closer to the event date. Also I'm a 'overlander', locals enjoy a cheaper crossing!
  15. Great report Rob, the wind at IoW 2017 will be remembered! Like you I spent most of the time on the Vir galaxies and chasing the comet. I took a SQM reading of 21.26 on the Friday night - 2017 March 24 - not bad. I'm surprised you managed any observing on that Sunday night - well done.
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