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  1. MW still just showing here but beginning to get swamped by the moon.
  2. Roof open, gear switched on and camera cooling. Just the one camera as OIII is a no-no with a bright moon.
  3. Clouds gone so off out to open up.
  4. Yes, the ASI1600 fan is 40mm x 40mm x 10mm and 12v 2wire. Though if you get a 3 wire version just ignore (cut off) the yellow wire. To save messing about with fiddly connectors, I just cut the wires and joined the wires of the new fan to them. There are screws on the back of the camera that hold the casing on. Then the fan is attached to the back with 4 self-tapping screws. You shouldn't have any problem if you can handle a screwdriver.
  5. ATM it's very clear above - I can see the Milky Way with no.1 eyeball! But clouds are gathering on the horizon.
  6. I reckon you have fan problems like I had before I replaced it.
  7. I'll see what it's like at 11pm - too light to try any imaging before then.
  8. The moon is up - it's lighting up the cloud!!
  9. Aborted again!! There's a bank of fog heading this way - lights half a mile away have disappeared.
  10. Stars look reasonable so think I'll open up.
  11. Stars starting to show and so is an aircraft. So is cloud on the horizon.
  12. Oh yes, used those a lot. I agree that they are more accurate.
  13. I might see what it's like later. See if stars appear in the ASC image. Oh, and what the moon is like when it rises.
  14. It's quite cold outside here!!
  15. Humidity is very high and getting higher.
  16. Just been out with the idea pf opening the obsy roof but then I saw that the far hill has disappeared in mist so came back indoors!! Think any attempt at imaging would be a waste of time.
  17. I dunno!! To set up or not to set up - that is the question...
  18. Sky is totally clear ATM - not a cloud in sight!! The visibility is not so good though and that ties in with MO.
  19. For the temperature, humidity and pressure sensor unit I have tidied up the display and added dew point for both inside and outside the observatory. With temperature only accurate to 1°C, humidity to 3% and pressure to 1 hPa there is no point in displaying fractions.
  20. CO is now agreeing with MO!! Looks like no-go for tonight.
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