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  1. The sky here is getting brighter - I have some dark glasses somewhere...
  2. Really???? Well you learn something every day...
  3. Well, the rain has stopped here and been replaced by fog!!! Forecast says it will soon be burnt away.
  4. I'm sure it would be. I'm always interested on observatory builds and improvements and I know others here are as well.
  5. Not the usual postman but Parcel Force - a top grade Peltier TEC from RS-online for my All Sky Camera. On testing this will drop the temperature of the non-cooled astro camera a whopping 30°C.
  6. Not working this time!!!!!!!!
  7. Good luck Louise We will be watching your progress with interest and support if you need it.
  8. Same here! You've put it just right, James.
  9. Rain all day here and forecast to continue all night!!
  10. I did a test for focus shift from the dome using the ceiling light fitting to focus on. The difference seemed to be about 10° clockwise rotation of the focus ring from no dome to dome but I shall do a more accurate measurement on the moon if/when we get some clear night sky. There's rain forecast for all night tonight. I reckon there's a reasonable chance of using preset focus, avoiding focus motor and gears etc.
  11. I was interested in radio from a very young age, encouraged by my father - my first receiver was a crystal set! Later I went on to valves and transistors... I was in the Radio Society at university. Never got to getting a transmitting license though even though I did know a bit of Morse code. Any transmitting I did was very limited range so as not to contravene the regs.
  12. That should have printed much better then!!
  13. The camera casing was wet when I touched it so better thermal insulation is possible. The plan is to have a moisture barrier around the camera and Peltier TEC including the USB plug with a small amount of room for desiccant. Outside that would be thermal insulation - there's plenty of room for that. I have plenty of closed cell polyurethane foam. I also have kitchen foil (shiny aluminium foil) if that would help.
  14. I've gone down to -20°C in the past with water cooling on the TEC hot side but with sealed camera chamber and desiccant. I'm planning the same dry environment for the camera in this latest version. At least damp condenses on the case rather than the electronics but I still don't want to risk it.
  15. Camera is still working fine at -3°C and still slowly getting colder. The condensation doesn't seem to be affecting it.
  16. Dropped below freezing now and at -1.5°C. Still slowly getting colder.
  17. Put the camera cover on and it's getting colder - now down to 2°C.
  18. Temperature has come down another half degree and 20m in. Ambient temperature is 19.5°C. So running the camera with no cooling raises the temperature by 8°C and the cooling decreases the camera temperature by 21°C in the present test conditions. Oooops!! Just noticed I didn't have the camera thermal jacket on - camera covered in condensation!!
  19. New RS Peltier TEC has arrived and I've set it up to cool the camera using the 80mm fan and Artic passive cooler as before. Time 14:15 - Starting temperature 27.5°C - TEC supply 13.8v and drawing 3A. Time 14:20 - Temperature 7.5°C - TEC supply drawing 2.8A. Time 14:25 - Temperature 6.5°C - TEC supply drawing 2.8A. Seems to have settled after just 10m. That's a drop of 21°C. Temperature has come down fast! What a difference from the cheapo TEC1 12703!!
  20. How big was the cat print? If it was a couple of cm (miniature) that may not be too bad though my little test prints of cats I did years ago were better than that and I thought 3D printers had advanced a lot since then (mine certainly have).
  21. Ah! Didn't realise it cost that much, something gave me the impression of more like 150-200!
  22. Yes, that is certainly one way to do it. The moon (if available) is certainly a good object to focus on. I would assume you are using the Fujinon lens and it's screw thread for focussing. Have to say, I found that very coarse and rather difficult to cope with. The lens I'm using now has its own focussing ring which is silky smooth and not loose.
  23. I certainly haven't had that with mine! OTOH I'm not sure what the light source is.
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