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  1. Yes the versatility of a osc especially while there is a comet in the sky is what's making it very tempting. I also hate processing rgb. I never seem to be happy with it. Also the size of the chip in the 314 means I dont really do narrowband much as not much fits onto my chip with the ed80. Tho I have always been more of a galaxy man anyway. That's why I have been debating between osc and mono. I love the detail from my mono lum but the rgb side annoys me. Also my green filter has a flaw that I cant see but causes bright stars to flair. Tried cleaning it but makes no difference.
  2. Does anyone here use a dual setup with a mono and an osc? I'm thinking about getting an osc atik to match the mono one I already have and doing away with the rgb filters. Using the mono to collect the lum and any narrowband I fancy. While at the same time an osc using my cls filter to collect the rgb data. Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated Dave
  3. Cant say I've ever noticed off shaped stars.
  4. Just been glancing through this thread. Just a quick question. Why do ppl use spacers? I've been using a 314 on an ed80 for a couple of years now and it is just atik.fw.reducer. nothing else. What difference do spacers make?
  5. Yes mate. Qhy5 ii and a finder guider should be all you need. You are doing a fantastic job.
  6. Ah. I did watch it on bbci player and yes that star. Must of not noticed the air date. Sorry guys for the false hope
  7. Chris lintott just said at the end of sky at night that they are not on next month to make way for srargazing live. Im very confused now
  8. Oddsocks (love that name) that was everything i needed to hear. I think after reading that i will persist and try to get into a darks flats bias routine. I do have a perminant setup so its not to bad for setup time. I am short of an efw but if i need to take flats of every filter then while im there i can change the manual fw anyway. The main thinking behind the 1600mc was also to get a few planets out of it but tbh ive always wanted to give the 224mc a go as they sound like the chicken dinner. Plus they have the 150° lens. Thanks again for the post. I am going to save it for offline rea
  9. Quite possible. Your mind mite have gotten set in its ways
  10. I found it helpfull to keep both eyes open. Then you can see the finders crosshairs and the area of sky your looking at. Dont forget its all a trick of the brain. Even tho it looks like the image is going up the crosshairs are going down. Its all in the mind
  11. I too wanted to not have rails. My first obsy 11x6 had a pinicle roof that rolled on scaffold poles. Very strong but ugly as sin. When i moved and decided no rails i came up with this idea. Flattened the roof and put it on an angle. Reinforced the shed more and fitted removable posts. The original plan was to also fit removable rails but it wasnt needed as the roof is quite manageable as it is.
  12. There isnt much noise tbh. Im happy with the quality of the images and if i was after just mono id be chuffed. Especially with the ha filter. Its just when i try to make it colour it all goes wrong. This is my ha shot the other day. 12x10mins
  13. The bench i mentioned was just to take the weight of the roof off of the shed. My roof was wood and felt. It weighed alot and after a while i could see where having it down was starting to bend and break the wood of the shed i had then. So having a bench for it to sit on while down took the weight off the shed. If yours isnt that heavy it shouldnt be a problem. Yours looks alot nicer than mine did. Ive since shrunk it from 11x6 to 6x6 and its now alot better. Plus i used alot of fence posts for reinforcement
  14. No i didnt get a chance. But tbh im not so worried about the noise as ive come from dslr so im used to it. Lol. Its the colours that are really bothering me. The colours i get just look completly wrong. But yes i should take the time to do the flats and bias.
  15. How much does each side weigh? The obsy mite not like so much weight to be hanging off of both sides. Ever opened a packet of crisps. Maybe concider having a bench either side for the roof to sit on. Mine is only 6x6 but i made it a tilt roof so the whole thing can roll off as one. Quite heavy tho. A friend of mine has a 7x7 pinicle roof and he lifts his off one side at a time. Making it alot lighter.
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