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  1. Programming ESP32 via Arduino IDE Note: Also works using Arduino IDE in Linux
  2. ESP8266 only has one analogue input - you need the ESP32 I think The ESP chips can be programmed via the Arduino IDE as if they were arduinos with the addition of a few extensions.
  3. The ESP32 seems endowed enough for a weather station: 18 Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) channels 10 Capacitive sensing GPIOs 3 UART interfaces 3 SPI interfaces 2 I2C interfaces 16 PWM output channels 2 Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) 2 I2S interfaces
  4. Why do you need nano as well as the ESP8266? Is it just a lack of I/O pins on the ESP?
  5. Appreciate that but I thought those sensor chips look interesting to have a play with
  6. Maybe it uses one of these.
  7. I have had one of these inspeed eVane wind vanes for many years now. Claims to use a Hall effect sensor but I'm not sure how they get the analogue output as a proportion of the input voltage. It works great with 1-wire AtoD to give a very accurate reading to less than 1 degree resolution. It's a sealed unit so I'm in the dark about how it works internally.
  8. You do realise you are now on two slippery slopes; astro and 3d printing
  9. Not sure why he wants to build it on stilts!
  10. Well spotted. I might get some of those
  11. You don't need a bolt in every hole - I have one every fourth hole and it is well secured to the extrusion. I think I need to get a dust cover for my printer though
  12. Ok. The holes in the rail have a counterbore that a standard hex cap bolt head will sit in. So they won't foul the block running across the top.
  13. These are the t-nuts I used
  14. I used M3 bolts (8mm I think) with M3 T-nuts in the v-slots. M6 can't be right.
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