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"GinaRep Giant 3D Printer" 2021



Same size as earlier versions but with differences.

The outside measurements of the "box" are 740mm x 660mm x 1m high.  I was using ABS when I first designed it so the box consists of an extruded aluminium frame with clear acrylic panels for use as a fume cabinet.  Now I use only PLA and fume control is no longer an issue.  The bed is a 500mm x 500mm x 5mm aluminium plate with a mains powered 1200W heater pad stuck to the underside.  I expect printing volume to be 290mm x 290mm x 700mm high.

I'm planning to have the bed moving up and down for the Z axis.  In one of my earlier versions I had a moving XY carriage and fixed bed but that proved impractical.  The Z drive will consist of three trapezoidal threaded rods with 1mm pitch driven in unison by one stepper motor, 3 timing pulleys and timing belt.  Adjusters will be provided on the nuts for rough bed levelling and fine bed levelling will be automatic using the software in the Duet 2 WiFi control electronics.

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