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  1. Hi all, after a long 5 years hiatus, I'm craving to do some observation and astrophotography. I own an old Celestron C80ED refractor, but I don't have a suitable tripod/mount. This OTA should weight about 2 KG (or 72 oz). I'm looking for a suitable GoTo mount, possibly something not too bulky and not too heavy, as I live in a tiny apartment (on the 3rd floor with no lift) and I don't have a car to carry it I would ideally use that mount also to do some AP with my mirrorless Fuji camera and some tele lenses, but I'd also love to do the same with the OTA. So the more
  2. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, hero of the space race, writer and artist, first man to walk in space, has died today at the age of 85. May he Rest in Peace among the stars!
  3. Rihard


    Super amazing photos as usual Alexandra! Thanks for sharing some sun with us :-)
  4. Starry starry night ....

  5. Beautiful and classy cat ! Clear skies!
  6. Very nice result gorann! In regards to focus, wouldn't it focus properly at infinity? I have collected quite a few old school lenses (mainly Carl Zeiss, Meyer-Optik and Pentacon) that I'm planning to use for DSO work too! In regards to the radioactivity of the thorium in the fast 50mm takumar, it appears to be no more radioactive than bananas are (yep, bananas are radioactive too, but people never talk about it ) Thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice pics of our closest star!! Thanks for sharing! On a different note,xtreemchaos, what's the cool cat in your pic? Is it a Cornish Rex?
  8. Hi, it's me again :-) AR 2454, 2456, 2457 on 22nd of November. Fujifilm X-T10 with XC50-230 zoom lens, baader solar filter Today the seeing was somewhat better than yesterday and I used a different processing technique: I inverted the colours so the spots show up bright and the surface details (along with a lot of noise) are somewhat more evident. What do you think of this processing? On flickr: Thanks for looking. Ricky
  9. Thanks for the nice comments folks, I haven't taken any photo in ages so I feel quite rusty. I guess it's time to use a longer focal lenght tele or one of my telescopes :-)
  10. I was lucky to find a gap between clouds and storms of seagulls
  11. Damn! You're right !!! Thanks for the hint !
  12. AR 2454, 2456, 2457 Fujifilm X-T10 with XC50-230 zoom lens, baader solar filter On Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tziuriky/22779838797/in/dateposted-public/
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