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  1. Not raining here either at this very moment!
  2. Well this is blummin' marvellous. Some clear sky forecast for tonight complete with rain!!! In fact the rain is already here and I've had to stop work on my observatory.
  3. Thank you - I may need it!! One benefit of PI is that all the image processing can be done in one package. As I recall, PS only did the post-processing whist other software was needed for stacking and aligning etc.
  4. This is amazing stuff - I have enough trouble with ordinary imaging!!!
  5. I did have PI working for me a couple of years ago it seems from my posts but feels like I'm starting again! I used some excellent tutorials then - must find them again. I do have the book though.
  6. Just to rub salt in the wound, it's a beautiful sunny morning here. But guess what's forecast for later and tonight - yup - cloud and yet more rain!!
  7. One idea is a 64 tooth ratchet wheel which is driven from the pendulum pushing system. This would be connected to the strike shaft through 6:1 gearing and a "free wheel" (like on a bicycle). A lever/pawl from the pendulum drive would be arranged to engage with the 64t ratchet wheel during the wind-up period - being started by a cam on the hour shaft and stopped by the weight being wound to the top of its travel.
  8. No moon showing here - thick cloud and rain!
  9. I've found the stars tend to disappear if the moon is in the field of view but you can see any clouds. Any moon in the FOV will ruin any view of the stars or Milky Way in the same way as with narrower fields except of NB imaging with Ha filter.
  10. I don't bother about the flare outside the image area from bright lights - it doesn't matter and only occurs with things like the moon in night settings and sun for daytime. The flare from the glass surfaces across the image are a nuisance but there's nothing you can do AFAIK. Top quality lenses are coated to reduce this but the sun and moon are too much!
  11. The 3 hours of green for tomorrow night have changed to orange and the rest of the week is total RED!!!
  12. Still pouring with rain here - has been all evening!!
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