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  1. That isn't the problem - I have the calibrated subs in a separate folder. The point is that some raw subs have been calibrated and some not - I would have to go through the date-time stamps to compare and there's rather a lot of them.
  2. They get removed in the processing, I've found.
  3. I don't know yet, this is the first time this particular dome has been out in the rain.
  4. I've moved all the Bubble target data into one place but I still need to do some sorting out. Since I'm no longer sure which subs have been calibrated and which haven't, I think it's probably best to run calibration again. I can move the current calibrated data out of the way rather than deleting it now. I'm very reluctant to delete data now.
  5. A good steady soaking today will have done the nettles the world of good... Grass too.
  6. With rain all day, I have been able to assess the effectiveness of the dew heater. With the failure of the power MOSFET that was driving the dew heater and the latter connected to the TEC, the dew heater has been running off 5v. This has proved adequate for dry conditions so far but there is now some misting of the dome and it wants full power. It would seem that 3 power levels might be appropriate for the dew heater viz. OFF - 5v - 13.8v. This would require changes to the circuitry and to the Astroberry Board coding to provide the control. ATM the only way to get full dew heating is to set the cooling to HIGH.
  7. Now I need to remember what I was doing with the data from the last few nights and the processing...
  8. Contrary to forecasts we have had continuous light rain all day here and it shows no sign of stopping so I'm staying indoors. Thankfully, I have no pressing reason to go out.
  9. Been trying t work on the mass of data accumulated over the last few nights but still too tired really!! Going for another lie down shortly. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz....................
  10. I was rather surprised you used RGB, Carole. I have only imaged this in NB using 3nm filters. What is the advantage of adding RGB? I would have thought it would just add to the stars though I guess if you used star removal on the NB and just added the RGB lightly, you'd get nice coloured stars. I'm not criticising - I'm always happy to learn from fellow imagers particularly the more experienced.
  11. Cloudy with light rain here.
  12. Same here re. processing.
  13. There's a danger though that it could encourage people to try observing the sun with an unprotected telescope and blind themselves. I take it you have a light blocker (eg. wedge) inside the rig.
  14. Morning all. At last a full night's sleep. Very light rain and much cooler here this morning.
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