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  1. lennylovit

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    we will have to roll you round site by next weekend !!!!!!!!
  2. that is the weekend of SGL11 , I always go up in the afternoon for the bring +buy sale and a chat , and to drop off some bits ( pier for Tich and some stuff for the Dob Mob ) see how the weekend pans out Lenny
  3. hi and welcome to SGL from another S Wales member we have a few members that meet @ blaenavon keep an eye on the south wales section for the next meet and come along Lenny
  4. I live in llandaff and always go ystrad mynach ,crumlin ,Pontypool ,then up to blaenavon , the site is off the main road between blaenavon and Abergavenny which is well used the last quarter mile up too the masts is the only bit , but never " that bad to worry about" and we have left the site after sitting with the car running for 10mins to thaw out the screen and scraping ice off me gear before putting it in the car Lenny
  5. bad news , got to work late for the next 10 days so I got to miss this meet Lenny
  6. Hi Rob can i book in for the 1pm class . Lenny
  7. After another nother night in the Irish bar its time for bed
  8. Nice morning 26deg and sunny . Hope its nice day back home
  9. the one channel on the tube I love is doubleboost , he is good and just a bit nuts ,
  10. Mike ( Faulksy ) I got an add-on for your torch !!!!! you will see it at SGL11 when I pop up you will love it
  11. lets hope we get a " GO " , its sooooo long since the last get-together Lenny
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