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  1. Pixinsight is brilliant on Linux.
  2. I use a 3Tb WD MyCloud NAS with 2 WD Red drives in a Raid array on my home gigabit network. Same as others, bring my laptop home plug into the ether and upload the data. That way I can access it from my Win10 box, the Linux Workstation or remotely from my phone or laptop. I'm fortunate to have fiber 1 gigabit networking at home so bandwidth out to the Internet isn't a concern.
  3. And in order to keep my mini RC6 blog up to date I also figured out a case for this guy. It does bother me that the GSO made scope never have case options. Same with my AT6IN I put it in a locker box. This box fell off a truck and I happen to find it. I needed modify the interior a bit to make it fit and I'll need to add some more foam to the bottom and side but it fits
  4. From the album Imaging Rig

    HHGTTG RC6 in ATA SPEC 300 flight case. A bit of trimming for the Moonlite. Need to add some open cell foam for support but this case is a beast.
  5. From the album Imaging Rig

  6. From the album Imaging Rig

    ATA SPEC 300 flight case. A bit of trimming for the Moonlite. Need to add some open cell foam for support but this case is a beast.
  7. It was a shame the such a nice little scope didn't have a single mark, logo or brand on it. So I added one.
  8. From the album Imaging Rig

  9. I was able to get a few star test images. I had to shut her down early, its a work night. But here are two images from Inside and Outside of focus. Only the camera in the image train. I made no adjustments just grabbed the frames to get an idea what people think should be my next move.
  10. From the album Problems

  11. From the album Problems

  12. It was simple. I'm at the business end of the scope looking at the screen. I make a tiny turn on a hex wrench, and I see the mirror move. The other part that helped was I could see my hand in the image thus I KNEW which bolts needed to turn which direction. No guessing. What is needed is a Cheshire that has T thread machined into it's outer tube, down at the pinhole end. That way, a simple T2 to C mount adapter and a cheap Cmount CCTV lens would attach to the front of my Lodestar. Unthread it and you use the Cheshire visually. Thread it up for fine tuning in Sharpcap.
  13. Well it works. I hot glued a HD webcam to the pinhole on the Cheshire and a bit of Sharpcap tuning I was able to see the a bit of light on one side (at 1 o'clock) of the center dot. I tuned it till it was centered. My artificial star wouldn't come to focus so I'll have to use the real thing. But here are some snips of the experiment.
  14. From the album DIY

    The overlay should be larger to capture the outer mirror image also.
  15. From the album DIY

    Getting better. Now you can see that the center dot is not centered there is a bit of light at the 1 o'clock direction.