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  1. Your design shows caster wheels. I recommend V groove metal wheels with inverted Angle Iron steel drilled and deck screwed to wall headers as the track. Friend of mine used C channel and synthetic caster wheels and the channel would cut into the wheels after a year of settlement around structure and made the roof very difficult to move. Suggest putting wheels on bolts as axels with some amount of play between the hubs and the wood that they are attached to to allow them to float left or right as the roof moves. Also use wheels with roller or pin bearings to reduce friction.
  2. Test and Tune Night. While we still have work to do, mains power to the load center, home cooked arduino based control system for the roof motor, interior paneling/trim/etc, I was able to reinstall my pier and mount the gear. Mostly wanted to test the 32m active usb 3 cabeling. Found one with repeaters small enough to snake into the 3/4” floor conduit to the control room. Worked at the word go. All equipment connected and that was all I wanted to test, but the clouds cleared so I rolled the roof and ended up capturing data on the Mark Chain for many hours without a single dropped connection to
  3. From last weekend. 2nd pic shows the control room with the stationary roof. Using that foil lined insulation, we inadvertently created a Faraday Cage! Its radio silent in there. WifI Nope, 4/5G Nope, So maybe is suitable for radio astronomy? Who knows, we are imagers and will need signal will figure out a repeater. Also we are scheduled for a Starlink, ya I know, but this place is really rural and if we are to control it remotely, we need a fat network pipe.
  4. After 7 years of imaging and finding another imager wanting to throw in, we have built a decent sized obsy. We took a weeks of vacation for framing and spent the last couple of weekends working. Still have a little way to go before the piers go in but we are close. Planning has taken over a year. We built the forms, poured and finished the concrete ourselves. Designed the building, framed it, sheeted it, roofed it ourselves. a 12'x16' scope room with 13' of that open to sky. 3 feet under the south eaves when roof rolled back, workbench under that section. In the north is a 12'x12' control
  5. I’ve recently switched to ASTAP from Planewaves PlateSolve2. I use SGPro and ASTAP is the other free plate solver. I have not used it for anything else at this point but to precisely frame and rotate my targets. Looks like a I got yet another complex software app to learn about in depth. Let me add that to the list. LOL
  6. About 4 hours total. 5 minutes exposures. A couple have been thrown out for focus or other reason.
  7. I switched to ASTAP recently as 1. It is compatible with SGPro now, 2. Its Faster than the PlateSolve2 3. Less buggy than PS2 and 4. Its fun saying Ass Tap (note previous comment about jokes.) I will spend some time and attempt to figure out the Asteroid capability of ASTAP.
  8. Hello, The Seven Sisters has been my White Whale. Since I started AP in 2015ish I have been trying to get a quality M45. Mostly due to poor skills, cheap equipment, lack of patience I was never able to complete it. From DSLR to ATIK 460, and side mounted guide scope to an OAG I have progressed and almost every fall I target Pleiades because it just so beautiful and so bright. Finally this year the concrete pad and permanent heavy duty steel pier went in. (ROR soon to come.) But I think I am a place where I can lay this to bed. I may do some fine tuning based on critiques here but here is my
  9. WOW!!!! You guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for all this work. I need to learn how to do all this. My imaging buddy and I talked about this capture last weekend. I asked him if there is any 'live blinking' software. He is a pro-coder. We couldn't think of any and said he may write one. Maybe someone knows of something similar. I am not asteroid hunting, just imaging, but as many know, we have LOTS of spare time as we sit around down at the club obsy. It would be nice to add asteriods to the list that includes, jokes, whiskey, maybe a cigar to the interim activities. It would
  10. Wow I did not see the other object a 2 o’clock. Does anyone know how fast the star link sats move? I suspect a lot faster than this.
  11. While imaging M45 8-11 pm 11/7/20 -5 UTC (east coast U.S.) found this moving near M45. Stellarium shows no satellites. How do find out if it’s a know object? Jeff
  12. Long time since I've gotten anything worthy of showing my family let alone posting. But I've gotten lucky and have at least a workable image to share. Taken with my SV80 over 2 nights. Only 6.5 hours of light after pitching bad subs in this but this is the first image that I was able to get all subs at 15min so thats and improvement. I do have the RGB stars but haven't started that stack yet. Will add later.
  13. Do you have proof the tilt is in the sensor? Could it be the focuser? I've been down that rabbit hole and it can get frustrating. I only ask because you said 'probably.' If you use a Tilt Adjuster (TA) that attaches to the removable part of the imaging package, you will need to verify you have reinstalled everything in its exact position if you every separate the gear. I would suggest using some kind of index marks on each part to ensure its assembled in correct position. If the tilt is coming from the focuser once you get the image plane flat on the sensor with the TA I don't think you
  14. Just added a CCDT67 to the image train of my RC6. Love the FL (983mm as determined by Plate Solving.) Attatched are the corners of a stack of L that I was working on from data this weekend. Cocoon Nebula. Getting some interesting aberations in the corners. Hoping to get some input on what it may be and what I could do about it. -Jeff
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