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  1. Hey all. Ive not been on here or posted anything in a long time or even had my scope out! BUT for the past few days ive had clear skys and time to do some viewing was so nice to be able to see the night sky again! I took my first ever photos of the moon last night, and although not great quality im very happy myself i was able to get these images! I have an Astromaster 130eq, i used a 2xbarlow and 10mm eyepiece and my iphone to get these pics! Had a great time observing last nigjt cant wait to get back out and see more clear skies!
  2. Thanks for all the welcomes guys, this is a great site and has helped me alot in a short period of time i have now purchased 2 tube rings and it has made a great difference in the stability of my scope! once again thanks everyone
  3. I think i will buy a replacement probably an raci, but not yet, mainly because its to damn cloudy all the time! Think i purchased my scope at the wrong time haha
  4. Thats alright i apreciate the help i understand much better now how it all works now if someone could just tell me how to get rid of cloudy skys??.....
  5. Thanks all, those answers have cleared it up a bit for me its all starting to make sense now. Oh and i have a EQ mount with a motor drive attached
  6. Aye but why do we need to point it at polaris when we are just going to adjust the scope so its pointing at say saturn or venus or other parts of the sky?
  7. Hi all i may make myself sound reaaly daft here but i have a question thats confusing the hell outa me! Basically i want to know why you need to polar align when you are just going to be moving the scope around the sky anyway looking for planets and stars etc etc. It just seems a bit pointless to me polar aligning a scope/mount which is going to end up pointing in a different direction:/ sorry if its a daft question i just cant get my head around it! Thanks all
  8. Thanks for that info but those are a bit out of my price range, im no scrooge but my funds are limited. They look great fimders though! Now im Torn between a telrad and a 9x50! So many choices!
  9. I like the look of the telrad more than the rigel, both seem to be more within my price range as well. Im not to keen on drilling holes in the tube, knowing me id mess it up! So something that sticks is much more desirable il prob go for a rigel or telrad after having a good think
  10. Cheers for the help guys, im torn between a Telrad and the 9x50! The 9x50 is a bit more expensive than what id like to pay but i guess it would be very well woth it just have to make sure the missus doesnt find out how much im spending haha
  11. Hey all just wanted a bit of advice and opinion on what would be a good starter finderscope for my astromaster 130eq. Havent used the scope much at all but can tell the stock red dot sight isnt up to standard. This is my very first scope so just looking for a decent replacement finderscope that isnt going to break the bank anything has to be better than that peice of junk red dot sight haha cheers all
  12. Thanks, i havent used the scope at all really as the skys have been rather cloudy, so i have been trying to source a decently priced replacement ring but with no luck so far im quite patient though so i can wait it out
  13. Ive sorted the tube ring now, still only have one but ive centralised it on the dovetail mount and on the scope its self and its alot more sturdy now. The pne ring seems to be doing the job just fine
  14. Hi im in cardiff, in quite a light polluted area so wont be able to get the best out of my scope untill i get to a darker place
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