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Northern light & Milkyway

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With a constant cloudcover in my part of sweden lasting for weeks & weeks, I decided to dig up some photos I shot 8 months ago in April, while working away from home.

Here's some old wide angle shots with my Canon EOS 50D & a EF-S 10-22 wide angle lens, without any tracking mount or tripod, just the camera on the ground or on a pile of snow & some selftimer exposures:

Back on solid ground after a long days work, my companys base in northern Sweden



1*20s @ ISO1600 on both

Middle of Norway


18*30s @ ISO3200

I stacked the 2nd one by aligning the stars manually & then transparent layers in photoshop, & the 1st one without aligning, therefore startrails.

Also Norway


Same story here, camera static in the snow, but a set of 20*30s @ ISO3200 , first aligning stars manually into one layer & then masking it over a stack of the static background. Might've pushed the star colors a lil' bit too hard, but I'm learning

Thanks for watching!

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Great images! What a superb variety you have captured... (Love the little ghostie on the helicopter)

Thanks alot!

There's actually alot of history behind the little ghostie, which is placed on the nose of all my companys 6 helicopters. It's a tribute to my grandfather who founded the company, he got the nickname "Ghost Pilot" during 2nd world war, flying his plane into occupied norway to evac refugees & allies away from the occupying forces, flying at night avoiding german fighters.


So that's why we keep lil' ghosts on our helicopters.

I'm thinking about investing in an Astrotrac mount, that can be brought with me when flying away from homebase, I've seen soo many perfect starfilled nights, but just having my dslr & no mount, since I find it overkill to bring my EQ-6 everytime I go fly :(

There'll be more widefield images soon, as I'm reciving my CCD tomorrow, which means I'll be using my dslr to capture startrails while imaging dso's with the CCD.

Thanks for the kind comments & for watching.

Happy New Year!


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Cracking images, great detail and colours. I'm just about to give imaging a go (next clear night) but so much to learn. I thought the aligning was done with the software auromatically! What software are you using to stack?


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