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  1. Beautiful images John, just back after a long lat-off and itching to get going again. Inspiration indeed!
  2. What a stunning set of images, I have been away from lunar photography for about 20 months now and am itching to get going again. I was getting to the stage where I was turning out decent images (nothing near your standard), but I fear it will be like starting from scratch again! looking forward to it though and your images have inspired be to get going! Thanks for sharing.
  3. What a lovely shot John, excellent detail and pin sharp as always.
  4. Lovely shot Michael, great contrast, detail and colour.
  5. Nice image Jules, lovely detail and smooth. This is my first post since the light nights of spring, the autumn here was terrible with hardly a clear night. Time to start learning all over again! Clear Skies Steve
  6. Lovely shots as always John, I am out of commission recovering from surgery and very frustrated to have missed so much clear sky!
  7. Nice set of shots, out of commission myself at the minute recovering from surgery. So frustrating to have missed so much clear skies!
  8. Nice as always John, not had a glimpse of the moon for a while now due to the constant cloud. Forecast for this evening is better, fingers crossed!
  9. Cracking image Michael, really nice detail, seeing what your ASI224 can do makes me itching to get going with mine, albeit with a 150mm Explorer.
  10. I was revisiting this file and noticed that the video was in colour as I must have forgotten to check the Debayer option. Why can I not get the final picture in colour then?
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