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  1. Thanks again guys, decided to go with the ZWO IR Cut and the 850nm Pass filters. I'll see how I get on with them. If I had gone for the Baader Neodymiun that would have been it, I believe for Lunar close-ups the Pass filter gives sharper results?
  2. Stunning image Dave, it's going to be years before we get decent imaging opportunities up here!
  3. That is a lovely image Carole, loads of detail.
  4. Another nice image, one that I would be delighted with!
  5. Lovely image Adam, love the colours,not just of M101 but the stars as well.
  6. Neil, That is a cracking image, what kit did you use for that, exposure info would be interesting to see as well!
  7. Thanks guys, I will look at getting an IR Cut filter first! I see that it says it can be used in conjunction with a UV/IR cut filter for CCD/Digital Camera work! What would be the advantage of two IR Cut filters. I haven't got a fortune to throw at this so trying to make sure I get something that will help viewing and imaging!
  8. I have recently purchased a Canon 600D and am enjoying using it for full lunar pictures but am now considering the purchase of a ZWO ASI224MC for close up lunar, planetary (I know they are not great for the foreseeable) and for a dabble in DSOs. A review recommended an IR Cut filter, a IR Pass filter and a CH4 Methane pass filter. I cannot afford all at once so what would be best to get first? Any other words of wisdom are as always, very welcome. Thanks
  9. £25 Posted, final price! It's got to be worth that to somebody!
  10. Superb images Dave, sharp with loads of detail. Looking to start close up lunar imaging very soon, just need to make up my mind what camera to get!
  11. Not bad at all, well done!
  12. Still for sale!
  13. Bottom right image does it for me detail wise but personally I would have less colour. What do I know though, I'm pretty new to imaging!
  14. A very nice image Pete, loads of detail.
  15. Two very different but equally superb images Avani!