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  1. I had a Paragon lens many years ago for my Pentax MX 35mm. Couldn't afford Pentax or Vivitar lenses, pick it up new for £30 and it was a cracking lens. Had it for 25 years and it never let me down. Enjoy it whatever you do with it.
  2. Davy, I have just returned to SGL in the last couple of weeks after a few years away. I never really got proficient at anything but enjoyed it immensely. I want to try and produce half decent images and the help and advice offered on SGL by a great bunch of like minded but much more knowledgeable people will help me achieve this. Welcome to SGL, I'm sure you'll have a great experience.
  3. Thanks guys, very encouraging comments. Took delivery of my s/h Canon 600D today so I'm to blame for the cloudy skies forecast over the weekend. Can't wait to get going with it!
  4. Nice image, great detail.
  5. Great idea, I have no idea what most of features on the moon are, so a great way for me to learn. I'll learn more when I start taking decent images and posting them though,
  6. I was out this morning with my Mak 102 and took these pics with my iPhone held up to the eyepiece. I know they're pretty poor but in returning to this hobby after a few years, I'm quite happy. Hopefully my images will improve very soon!
  7. I don't know if I will get around to using it but I will follow it with interest. Thanks for taking the time to write this.
  8. Superb Images, can't wait to get going with some imaging on my EQ3/2
  9. Dan, Thanks for posting those excellent photos. If I can get anything similar, I will be well chuffed.
  10. Well guys, it was a long process which I thought long and hard about then decided to go for a Canon 550D, sadly the ones for sale on Camera Jungle disappeared overnight, he who hesitates is lost! I had a look on eBay but the prices on there were ridiculous and some of them looked very poor and with no warranty. I ended up plumping for a Canon 600D, got a mint condition one from Camera Jungle who's prices are very good and they give you a 1 year warranty. I decided I could live without the crop video as I won't be doing much, if any, planetary work and will at some point be investing in an Altair Astro or ZWO camera. I wasn't comfortable with having to do mosaics to get a full lunar disk at this stage, it seems like a lot of work. So the decision was made for better or worse and I would like to thank everyone for their contributions, all were useful and in the end I am going for both options. I look forward to posting on the Lunar Imaging and possibly DSO Imaging forums some of my meagre attempts. Thank you all, once again Dark Skies
  11. I was looking at Camera Jungle and they are about £60 dearer, I'll look at MPB and WEX and see what they have. I was just looking at the FOV calculator and will need to use a 2x Barlow to fill the screen. But with the Altair Astro, I need a focal reducer! I can't win!
  12. Thanks Alan Yeah, I did notice that, will have a look at that option then. Getting more expensive all the time!
  13. Did I not read that the video crop on the 600D was not as good as the 550D, can't remember exactly what it was but I'm sure there was something! If that is the case, what makes the 600D better?
  14. I know my mount is limiting to say the least, but I've seen what I consider to be decent images with many short exposures (5 sec or so) stacked and that was the way I was thinking. This in theory could be achieved with a DSLR or an ASI/Astro. When you say they are different animals, are you talking in terms of mono and colour and would the Astro used in mono mode be very much different?
  15. Thanks for the input guys, still to make the final decision on the camera but getting closer!