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  1. Absolutely stunning! Top of the pops would have been illuminated tarantulas crawling across the arch though :grin:
  2. Fantastic Werner, that looks really great! Had a wee chuckle at Sommermilchstraße und Wintermilchstraße :-)
  3. Great pics, I love the sillouettes in the foreground too.
  4. Congrats on your fantastic captures! I have got my mkII almost since it was released and I never regret buying it (have got the first 5D too (which I won in a comp back then) but the new one is much better for low light pics) You will love it, I am sure!
  5. Very impressive indeed! Olly has such a fantastic place to live.... Och well... one day...
  6. Its a keeper John! To me it looks like alien cityscape on a far away planet... Never thought that chimneys can play such tricks on one´s imagination
  7. I love startrails and when they mirror in a lake even better! Keep us posted about what you are doing next please.
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