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  1. Looks great, have downloaded .... but the first Messier object i looked at was M1, which is in Taurus, not Cassiopeia .... otherwise lots of great info there.
  2. I viewed this one 2 nights ago from Northern Australia, a pretty sight indeed, and about mag 8.7.
  3. Thank you for that brantuk, but gosh, a multitude of stars there in those catalogues!! Will see if I can narrow the SAO list down a bit.
  4. Have had this great scope for a couple of months now, and is great in finding objects with a designated number, but am wanting to find other objects. What is the easiest way to say ... find v Aqillae, and other carbon stars? Do I try and find the SAO number? In tracking down comets, is it best to put the RA and DEC in? Thanks
  5. I also have a 10" collapsible Dob. and had a similiar problem last year. Wasnt focusing properly, although the collimation was OK, and the problem was that I hadnt fully extended the tubes of the scope - it was only about 10 mm out, but after making sure it was fully extended, all was OK.
  6. I live about 4 hrs south of Cairns, and a few of us in our Townsville Club are heading to Mt Carbine Caravan Park, up in the hills behind Cairns. Untitled Document Cairns, and places north and south are well booked, though prob a little left, but not sure about up on The Tablelands behind it. Warning .... it is the Wet Season!!
  7. Thanks for that Olly. My problems were that I couldnt do an alignment on anything during the day, and if I slewed to the Sun without an alighnment, and pressed the solar tracking, it wouldnt keep the Sun on the FOV. I have reread my previous post, and the guys didnt do an alignment, but pretty sure that didnt work either for me. Wet season here in N.Aus, so havent used the scope for quite awhile, but will try today as supp to be sunny.
  8. I have a Skywatcher Mak-Cass 127, I think the same as your Skymax I believe, and am still having trouble tracking the Sun. I asked this Q last year, but, alas, the suggestions offered didnt resolve the problem. I want this up and working before our Total Eclipse in November, and the Transit of Venus in June, so thought I had better get on it. I know this little scope is quite popular here, so is anyone tracking the Sun successfully, and if so, could you go through all the stages in achieving this. Many thanks Liz
  9. Great images, thanks Luke. Hasnt been visible to Southern Hemisphere for quite awhile, but Herculus is rising in the NE here (in N.Aus) so am hoping to catch another glimpse.
  10. Gedday Luis!! Great images, love the first, but all good. The inverted images have been showing the tail really well. Rob from IIS estimated the tail lenght at 185 million Km!! EEk!! What a joy this comet was!! My best view was on 24th Dec from a dark site - totally stunning!! A huge highlight astronomically for sure. Sad to see it fading away .... oh well we were privileged 'Down Under'. Final pics coming through on IIS, with Justin taking some more last night, but barely visible in a 'normal' image. He said it would be his last. Glad you saw it Merlin, and love Echuca, and the mighty Murray!!
  11. Beautiful images there Stewart, thank you. PS .... your Orion is around the wrong way.
  12. Lovely images Dave!! My dream one day is to see some Aurora, but not from Northern tropical Australia i wont.
  13. Look forward to watching them!! Enjoyed last years when we were finaly able to watch them, via whatever means. Looove Brian, he does a great job.
  14. Very nice Baz. UI went out this am, couldnt see it visually, even with averted vision. Took a few pics (just camera on tripod) and the tail barely showed up there either. What I coulld tell, was that the tail was loooong.
  15. I was only thinking of this comet this am. It had its closest approach to the Sun on Dec 23rd, and to Earth in March, so very much overshadowed by Comet Lovejoy! I havent seen it for ages,but did get many looks at it in previous months. OK, so its presently in Hercules at about mag 7, and brightening slowly. Good luck Ian!! When I saw it a few months ago, it was a nice fuzzy blog with a small tail, so should be a bit bigger now. Oh, did I mention it was discovered by an Australian.
  16. Yes, it was stunning indeed!! Am so glad I had clear skies while it was bright, has been cloudy here now for the last 3 days so no more chances. A wonderful end to 2011. Cheers Tom, yes, people were comparing it to MacNaught though it wasnt as bright, or tail as long, but still in the league. Alas, I didnt see MacNaught as wa in our 'Wet Season" in the Northern tropics, am lucky I see this comet!!
  17. A pic from this morning, and it has definitely faded. Still, it is visible, and still gorgeous.
  18. Oooh, the glacier region is gorgeous, enjoy!! Make sure you try and catch the comet before it fades, I have found that it has faded a bit from 2 days ago when I saw it.
  19. I think I saw that it was about .71 AU, 130 million KM, but could be wrong.
  20. Cheers Andrew and Mark. Looking forward to heading out in the morning, though getting a bit sleep deprived now!! Also quite hot where I am In Northen Australia - its 8 pmnow,and tll 28 dg with 75% humidity - beauty of the tropics. Actually a bit lucky as an ex cyclone is dragging cloud away from us as it heads down the Qld coast - poor Brisbane are very clouded out. Hard to imagine what you guys are going through for Xmas - cold!!!!
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