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20 years and 2 scopes


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Hi folks,

I've been looking around the web and this seems like a really good community so thought I would join.

Been into space and the sky as long as I can remember and got my first telescope around the age of 10. Drifted away from it for a while (although never totally) but had renewed interest in my twenties observing saturn and venus with the same first telescope!

The desire to see M31 andromeda galaxy has been a very powerful one and has been the main driver for recent observation and to purchasing my second telescope (at the age of 30) - a skywatcher 127mm.

Only been able to use it a few times but have seen, jupiter and 4 moons, lots of DSO (orion nebula, dim andromeda) and also the wind farm in the Beattrice field!!

Looking forward to many more observings and to absorbing the advice here.

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