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EQMOD - The Movie


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Thanks Richard for the tutorial and Nick for the heads up.

This helps, a great deal, to make things much clearer. I look for forward to more videos and perhaps you could show the cable connections (it has confused me for a while) from the mount to the computer.

Thanks from Dave Galvin.

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This is great work Ritchie

No matter how much you read you can't beat a good instructional video

Does that say something about my attention spa....oh shiny thing :o

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Sounds good to me Chris. Very approachable.

When I was watching your video I heard some sounds when you selected to slew to a star. I think I've found those sounds on the EQMOD page but I dont know where to put them. Do they go in the EQMOD folder?

Ah, that'll be another tutorial to add to the list then.

Put them any where you like - you then find them as part of the sounds setup. The current sounds are a bit Stephen Hawking but I kind of like the thought of him helping out in my observatory :icon_salut:. You can of course record your own alternatives.


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Great set of videos Chris. I'd sussed out the essentials of using EQMOD from the documentation but found it well worth going through your videos because they add quite a lot of detail about features in the system that I wasn't aware of.

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I have now found how to change the sounds, was right under my nose, isnt everything though when your looking for it.:(

Thinking of getting some Jean Luc Picard sound bites for some of them, maybe "Number 1" for rate 1 and "Make it so." for setting up a sync.....the possibilities are endless.....:icon_salut:

I've been aware of EQMOD for about a year now and only used it a couple of times but now I really have been pulled into it and what it can offer. Its fantastic.

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These Vids. are going to benefit a great many EQMod users Chris.

Including myself.


No words can really express what a great asset this wonderful programme is to everyone, and a huge thanks to all the developers. It grows in stature continuously.


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