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  1. It could be that your ASCOM Park position is not the same as your chosen EQMOD Park position. Whilst form its own interface EQMOD provides multiple park positions - ASCOM only has the one PARK method and that simply says "park" it doesn't set the position to park to - this has to be done using an ASCOM "SetPark" command. So to set the position the mount will move to when an ASCOM Park is issued you must first move the mount to that position and issue an ASCOM "SetPark" command - the current position is then stored by the driver (EQMOD) and the mount will return to that position on all subseque
  2. The "time" EQMOD displays is the the Local Sidereal Time. This is effectively the instantaneous Right Ascension value associated with the meridian line. LST is an essential parameter that EQMOD uses when calculating how to move the mount in order to bring it onto any celestial target. You are correct that LST doesn't have any bearing on park positions. Your planetarium will probably display its own LST calculation somewhere and this should be the same as EQMOD - if it isn't then there maybe some difference in observing site data between the planetarium and EQMOD which should be "fixed". C
  3. My guess would be that some, but not all, of these software apps are being run with admin rights. The problem is that for each "run level" a separate instance of EQMOD will get launched by windows/ASCOM when the associated application "connects". The first instance will open the desired COM port but the second will not be able to as it is already open. The solution, if this is the problem, is to ensure that all applications are installed/run with the same rights. Chris.
  4. The only restriction in EQMOD is that you COM port number just be less than 16. Other than that, there is no problem at all in setting eqmod to use a one dedicated com port for the GPS and another for the mount. Chris.
  5. When EQMOD first connects to the mount it reads Al the mount specific parameters from the motor controller board and that it how it can work with all the different skywatcher EQ mount types. EQMOD was developed to support the serial protocolskywatcher first introduced with EQ6/HeQ5 mounts - at the time we couldn't have known that the range of mounts running this protocol would be expanded - so that's why you see reference to EQ6/HEQ5. Chris.
  6. For PE analysis (PE is much more than just a "value") then you would pull the PE capture file that EQMOD produces as part of its autopec into PECPREP. This will give you full analysis or the error signals contributing to the overall PE.
  7. It was - we've now moved over to https://groups.io/g/EQMOD New posts and memberships will no longer be accepted on the Yahoo Group. We chose not to automatically transfer our member base as we did not think it appropriate to transfer personal details to a third party but folks are free to join the new group. In due course we plan to transfer over the yahoo messages archive and maybe files and photos. Whilst we want to preserve as much has possible but we believe it is important to first seek the consent (or at least implied consent) from the content owners - to that end we are givin
  8. Ady is correct. All those folks who platesolve and say they don't align are only half right. Plate solving itself doesn't cange anything, but the act of synching, which is usually an integral part of the plate solve goto sequence, is what performs the alignment and is what allows the mount/driver to provide position correction. This is exactly the same as one star alignment except you can align closer to target and without being centred on a star. I guess the ease and convenience of the plate solve / goto process means many folks don't have to consider exactly what is happening behind the scen
  9. The autopec feature in eqmod will store the raw pe data captured to file (it can do this even if you don't want to create/apply a correction curve). This can then be loaded into pecprep for analysis. Chris
  10. Eqmod will by default move in a way that keeps the counterweights downward. If moving to a park position that is counterweights up then the move is performed such that the dec movement is completed whilst in a counterweights down position so that any counterweights don movement only occurs in RA. There is a video tutorial on youtube that illustrates the eqmod movement strategies. Chris
  11. No that's not correct. The direction/guide software simply tells EQMOD where in astronomical terms it wants the mount to point. However astonomical coordinates mean nothing to the mount motor controller. It is EQMOD that has to work out how to safely move each axis motor to a position corresponds to the astronomical coordinates it was given. Moving 360 shouldn't happen - but if its happening then one possible explanation is an EQMOD bug.
  12. Yes, you can manually position (slew) the mount anywhere you like - you're in full control and if you crash into the pier/trip that's your own fault. Limits are essentialy there to protect an unattended mount tracking into he mount/tripod.
  13. Yes it will hit eventually. The problem was not that you had limits enabled, it was that you had left them the default (meridian). EQMOD RA limits are configurable. You could for instance slew off to your target so the dec axis gets positioned appropriately - then manually slew round in RA until the scope is about to hit and set the RA limit just that point. Then go back to your target, start imaging safe in the knowledge that EQMOD will track through the meridian but will stop tracking before any collision takes place.
  14. EQASCOM and EQMOD are the one and the same thing. EQMOD is the name of the community project that produced the EQMOD ASCOM Driver (EQASCOM). The EQMOD project has produced other software but by far the most widely used is the ASCOM driver which folks got into the habit of refering to as simply EQMOD. Whilst EQASCOM is at its core an ASCOM driver it also provides lots of other mount control functionality (Polar alignment tool, Sky model, gampead interface, GPS interface, PEC, Audio prompts etc.) that are not typical of other ASCOM mount drivers. If those features matter to you, and in all
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