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  1. or to compensate for the temperature variation that's gonna occur the further you are away from the star, planet(oid) with liquid methane seas, lakes & rivers, complex hydrocarbon atmosphere and some form of 'alien' (or even artificial) lifeforms. and/or - your most distant planet(oid) inhabited by alien colonists - outside the normal goldilocks zone, sure, not indigenous thereto but crash landed? come to observe? the source of EM (radio/tv) leakage. and/or - a binary/multiple star system, planets with strange orbits such that they are maintained, pretty much, in the goldilocks zone of one star or another.
  2. Highly accurate measurement coming up -- halfway between horizon and moon (probably not helpful), but after a little more research I'm leaning towards Aldebaran myself. At least it's no longer an UFO
  3. Easterly, ish, around midnight, lower in the sky than the moon. Aldebaran?
  4. Ok, possibly a daft question - had a break in the clouds last night, went out to take a look at the moon (first time it's been visible recently)... Anyhow, very bright (no, not Jupiter!) 'twinkly' point of light with red, green & yellow glow (not flashing, kinda like a rainbow halo around the object). Quite stationary in the sky, so automatically discarded an aeroplane (although I suppose it could have been flying straight at/from my position). Watched it for a good 30 mins trying to decide what I was looking at, any suggestions?
  5. having read this, had to check... my council are, apparently, running a 3 year programme to replace all council lights with variable intensity white lights, shielded to reduce skyglow AND, most interestingly, offering communities the ability to have them switched off in residential areas, etc although no process or application route info is available at this time (my village, typically, is scheduled for switchover in 2012, at the end of the programme). Their primary aim being money saving (not that I'm complaining).
  6. :hello2::hello2: And did I mention, ? Excited? moi? as if!!! Jupiter was breath-taking, now all I need it to hook up the camera, get a dew shield, get some more ep, etc., etc.
  7. Not that I've done it, but stacking was literally a case of stacking negatives and printing onto the same print... lot of work making sure properly aligned, etc.
  8. bah, out all day and was outbid - oh well :/
  9. Sorry everyone, 8/8 last night, at least 7/8 tonight, and a week's cloud and rain predicted... I *will* get to go out and see something soon, I will!!!
  10. Words were my failing too Yes, I had wondered about just grinding out / polishing and thought it'd probably be a no-goer but couldn't think why, thanks for your explanation - off to google spin polishing
  11. Well, more like early morning - so please keep the laughter quiet Not that I've gotten the bug or anything you understand, but having spent some time on here reading about different aspects of making one's own scope(s) a couple of thoughts occur and I'd like your opinions (or an explanation of why it can't work where appropriate). Mirror grinding; Why not create a plunge grinder for rough grinding / polishing? e.g. (and apologies if incoherent, rather tired)... take an appropriate sized piece of strong ply, drill a small hole in the middle. Insert tube through hole and overlay a piece of rubber, gluing the edges to the ply. get/manufacture a 'ring mould' the same size as your desired lens, centre over the hole in ply, clamp down firmly (water tight). Having calculated the desired saggitus, inject through the pipe water or oil creating a nice parabola. Grease top surface and fill ring mould with plaster of paris / concrete, allow to set creating a negative of the required grinding tool. Once set, deflate and remove negative, build dam around, line & grease, more concrete to create a grinding tool with the desired profile. Epoxy on tile fragments or mild steel washers to complete grinding surface. Mount blank on potter's wheel, or similar, apply grit & water and lower tool to near blank (I'm envisioning a 'bench drill' type arrangement, to keep everything level), spin it up (slowly) and gently lower tool onto glass. OK for roughing out? would such a system produce an acceptable finish for polishing (obviously by working down through grit size) or is some sort of eccentric motion necessary? Am I mad, bored or a combination of both?
  12. Might be indeed, grabbed a few for different lenses - thanks
  13. Well I don't know how big your head is... link
  14. 'fight ya' for it - been following since posting it in 'heads up'
  15. or take the biccies out before obs start... or 'accidentally' break the bulb in the fridge (or the switch)
  16. Couldn't agree more about FLO - great service experienced (mine should arrive tomorrow) - fingers crossed for a good night and memorable 'first light'.
  17. Very useful - targets are much better than 'random' wandering
  18. You know, I'm tired, I read that as 'My HUBBLE Scope'... nonetheless, nice restoration
  19. Beats me why they can't just turn the things off in *most* places / residential areas after a given time (say midnight or 01:00). Pet hate in case you hadn't guessed.
  20. @Altair - ski mask / balaclava?
  21. *shudders 'Something warm' in multiple layers - vest, T, woolen jumper, fleece, gortex outer... thermals if it's *really* cold (lived in Cumbria last couple of year, -20 around new years). Hopefully won't need so much this far south
  22. Yes, saw that earlier and, as noted, 'reduced' to only 850
  23. Dons255

    Howdy :)

    Hi and welcome to the lounge - I've found it to be a fantastic resource in my short time here.
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