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  1. I used castor wheels and a C channel on my build and 8 years later it's still working well, apart from the channel getting clogged with ice on those thankfully rare occasions when we get heavy snow. Having said all that, if I was to build another observatory in the future, I would go for the V groove metal wheels as by all accounts, they give a smoother running action. Probably more pricey though than casters.
  2. Good suggestions here. In addition to solar system objects, I've particularly enjoyed views of double stars, globular clusters and some other tight clusters through the 180. Galaxies didn't seem to view that well for me.
  3. Shoestring FCUSB Focus Motor Controller. The FCUSB allows you to control a DC focus motor via a USB port and software on your computer. Details, including software and drivers, can be found here: http://www.store.shoestringastronomy.com/products_fc.htm USB cable is 3ft in length. Comes with a 3m cable to connect to a DC Motor. Up for sale at £35 including UK delivery. Payment to be made by PayPal. UK delivery only.
  4. Antares 8x50 Right Angled Erect Image Finder Scope with blue body. Image is erect, with left and right reversed. Non-illuminated cross hairs in field of view. Included is a white finder scope bracket with a standard SkyWatcher style shoe. Up for sale at £50 including UK delivery. Payment to be made by PayPal. UK delivery only.
  5. I have a Geoptik Vixen Side by Side Mounting Late up for sale at £50 including UK delivery. A few scratches here and there around the clamp surfaces. Overall plate length is 32cm, width is 10cm. Payment to be made by PayPal. UK delivery only.
  6. Sorry to hear about this but glad the damage was minimal and nobody got hurt. Did you have any method of keeping the roof locked down? I've done a belts and braces approach on my roof as we often get high winds: Turnbuckles that clamp the roof to the observatory walls (a bit like Nigella's approach) A 'captive mechanism' that provides an additional protection Finally, when it gets really windy, I employ ratchet straps over the top of the roof Hope you get up and running again soon.
  7. Great images. We installed our first Solarcan on the 21st December. Looking forward to the Summer Solstice to see the results.
  8. +1 for Telegizmo. I used to use one to cover my stuff outside before I built my observatory.
  9. Hi Asim, If you're using EQMOD then it's easy to define custom park positions. See this link: I'm not sure what is possible with a SynScan handset as I've never used my NEQ6 with anything other than EQMOD. Edit: Jiggy's post above answers the SynScan solution.
  10. You can get them from Pietro Astro here, though it looks like they are currently out of stock: https://www.pierro-astro.com/materiel-astronomique/montures/kits-de-modification/capot-de-vis-sans-fin-pour-eq6_detail
  11. Very nicely done, you should be well pleased with that.
  12. AstroPlanner is worth a look. https://www.astroplanner.net/
  13. If the Wi-Fi signal from the house to the observatory is not going to be strong enough, how about using PowerLine adapters to carry the data communications using the mains cable as a carrier? This means you'll just have the one cable between the observatory and the house. I've been using Powerline for a good few years now and it has been very reliable.
  14. John, you can go directly to the latest post by clicking on the part where it states when the last post was, e.g. Click on the bit that shows "3 hours ago". Edit: clicking on where it states the number of replies looks to do the same thing.
  15. I use a combination of rubber strap wrenches and filter wrenches. I got the filter wrenches from ScopeStuff in the USA: http://www.scopestuff.com/ss_fwrn.htm Will have to try the trainers technique sometime.
  16. Hi Steve, That's odd. When I do Ctrl-z, I get a layer called 'After Action', above the background layer, which can be deleted and the background layer contains the image pior to the action. That's with version CS3 mind you.
  17. If I recall, the scope was quite light and easy to carry. The NEQ6 mount was more of a handful.
  18. I also had an LX90 some years ago that I deforked and mounted onto an EQ6. I also used a Losmandy plate which I think was made by Farpoint Astro. The process of deforking went surprisingly easy, as did the refork when I later sold the scope.
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