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  1. Completely agree it being an excellent book and I did wear my copy out too. I bought another copy off eBay a few years ago along with the Moon, Mars & Venus book that you also mentioned. Like many others I also had the Observer's book (a later edition than the one pictured by Mark, I had the one with purple aurora on the cover), and also had the Ladybird Book of the Night Sky- another classic.
  2. It's okay, I'm still alive and kicking. I didn't use any spacer with the DSI, I just used it without the 1.25" eyepiece adapter and screwed it directly onto the top of the OAG. I did however have a 7.5mm spacer between the back of the OAG and my QHY8L camera. I've attached a pic showing it connect to the back of Star71. Hope this helps.
  3. It wasn't that clear cut. When I ordered mine in 2010 it was still advertised as the EQ6 Pro, but when I received it, it had the NEQ6 badge on it and came with just the Vixen puck and no extension. Shortly after that I think they started shipping with the accessories you mentioned.
  4. +1 for using CdC: Select the target, right-click and select " Copy coordinates" from the popup menu. Go to SGP, open up the Target Settings window, then right click on the RA field and select Paste (this will also populate the Dec coordinates at the same time).
  5. Another handy android app is GPS Status & Toolbox
  6. This one from North Yorkshire a couple of minutes ago:
  7. I have a similar setup for my 8" RC and it works well. I have the TS focuser and the M68 to M48 adapter (also from TS). As you say, the CCD67 screws onto the front of the adapter and then it sits inside the focuser. I can get focus on my setup with or without the FR in place and do not have to add or remove any extension tubes. If I recall correctly, the focuser has to be racked in about 4cm when the FR is installed.
  8. Hi Rich, One possible option that I think I've read about is to use a dew strap, but instead of wrapping it around the casing (as you would with an SCT corrector), it's wrapped around the mirror cell inside the scope. You'd obviously need to disassemble the scope and then drill a hole somewhere on the rear casing to feed the dew heater cable through, but it would be a less drastic modification than fitting fans.
  9. I use cable ties too, after the cable clip supplied with the camera disintegrated.
  10. I'm another atlas addict. I've got the Cambridge Photographic Star Atlas - nice book, but I don't tend to actively use it. The photographic star atlas I grew up with was the "Field Guide to the Star and Planets" by Donald Menzel - an absolute classic, worth hunting down on the second hand book sites.
  11. Another +1 for the good old turnbuckles.
  12. Hi DP, Just taken a quick look at this. Where did you see the 294 byte record size? In the readme that I found here: http://ad.usno.navy.mil/ucac/readme_u4v5 , section 5a appears to indicate the records are 78 bytes long as you suspect. There's even a bit of example FORTRAN code to demonstrate how to access the records. Wow, FORTRAN, that takes me back a few decades HTH. Cheers, Mike Edit: Section 3i defines the record size to be 78 bytes
  13. Joe, Ron's suggestions relate to the Ecliptic and not the Celestial Equator, the latter being what you need for PHD2 drift alignment. Unfortunately I don't think there is currently any way of emphasising it in CDC. You could always contact the developer Patrick Chevalley - he has in the past been very responsive to ideas.
  14. I bought AlignMaster a year or two back and found it a bit hit and miss. More recently I've used the drift alignment utility in PHD2, which has worked well - just another option for you to consider.
  15. Some mounts do have thread lock and some don't. Mine unfortunately did and I had to apply a bit of heat using one of those 'pencil blow torches' , then it was relatively easy to remove the collar using one of those purpose built removal tools.
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