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  1. Sorry, I typed that wrong, it should have been FW. "It was my FW that was offsetting the balance".
  2. Hi guys, I have used the procedure for balancing my side by side set up as explained by Mark Crossley on his website at http://www.wilmslowastro.com/tips/g11gemini.htm#balancing It is excellent, well explained and has never failed me. Just follow it to the letter and make sure that you do not have any loose cables wafting in the wind. P.S Could you remind me what FS stands for, probaly obvious but I am racking my ageing brain with no result :-) Regards from Dave.
  3. hI Stu, is the hand control new and in good working condition?
  4. I have not watched this, as yet, but it may help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOqY49FkomM Regards from Dave G.
  5. Hi Mike, what happens if you press ENTER a couple of times following the ESCAPE key press? I am trying to remember without mine in front of me. I tend to fly through it on 'autopilot'.
  6. The nucleus has gone and we are seeing the reminents of cometary debris that are continuing in orbit.
  7. Latest images showing something has survived, fragments + tail. Still worth monitoring.
  8. Guy where in Liverpool are you based? I am near to Alder Hey Hospital and a member of the Liverpool A.S. Have a think about coming along to our observatory at Cronton. We can have a good chat about web cams, telescopes and perhaps give you the chance to try out a couple of scopes before spending your cash :-)
  9. Hi Guy, welcome to the group. What 'scope have you decided on? Regards from Dave (of Liverpool).
  10. How facinating, cloud movement it is then.
  11. Is it cloud movement or planetary rotation over two hours! Excellent image whichever and certainly worth following up. Regards from Dave.
  12. Would the images have to be resized to match each other due to different focal lengths and resulting image size?
  13. Do you mean that you are struggling with the concept of Altitude and Azimuth or actually finding them in the telescope? Where about in the North West are you based?
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