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Hi from North Carolina USA


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My name is Jim Turner and I'm from the USA. I found this site looking around. Lots of good information to be found here and some very knowledgeable people. Makes for some great learning and reading.

Hope you don't mind a yank dropping in once in a while.

There is a site much like this one in the USA I belong to also. Between the two sites I should be able to find most any information I'm looking for whatever astro subject it might be.

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Welcome, this forum should also be worth a quick look prior to darkness (USA) when anything new turns up in the sky as Europe may be looking at and descibing it already.

I generally have a quick mid-day, afternoon "peek" at U.S. Forums if anything, say a new Comet turns up to see if it was observed during North American / Asian darkness. That way I can get to here what people with similar kit are seeing from their Back Yards and can set -up with this in mind.

Mick - :headbang:Isle of Wight

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WOW. How really Cool. What a welcome. Thank you all for the very warm welcome. I'll be on here as much as I can. Very happy to see I'm not alone from the USA.

Talitha my channel name is 1ScopesNC on NSN. There are many others besides me to watch also. Weather permitting I go live on the weekends. Weekdays are hard for me to do. Dang old work gets in the way. All are welcome to my site and the broadcasters welcome questions.

This site has a lot of great information and I'm still trying to find my way around.

I'm slow and old. I'll get it though.

mjpfc I like the idea you have of checking for night activities from the other side of the world. What a neat way of keeping updated. Thanks for the tip. GEEZ This place is already paying off.

Thank again for the warm welcome.

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