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  1. Evening NB Many thanks for the link , would be interested to know when yours arrives if it is ok Regards Phil
  2. Evening NB Great scope , i managed to purchase the starwave 102 just over a week ago with focal reducer , managed to use it once so far but was very well impressed with the views of Jupiter i had with it. They do seem very well built indeed , didnt have any alignment problems with my dewshield , it might be worth given Altair Astro a ring to see if they recommend anything i would have thought there must be away of making a slight adjustment to get it aligned correctley ?. I to have the focal reducer as well to try my hand at some astro photography in the coming months , but need to confirm the
  3. Just thought i would share my experience with Altair Astro. Dropped altair Astro an email through there contact form on there site , confirming if the Starwave 102 was in stock. A reply was received almost instantly advising that it was, i followed this up with a few further about delivery and the reports i had read concerning dust on the lenses. Almost instantly again a reply was received advising that i could have saturday delivery and that the scope would be checked out before dispatch. Placed my order at about 12.30ish Friday 17/2/12 and received confirmation email straight away. Scope arr
  4. Good Evening slim That is a very kind gesture and thankyou.
  5. Whilst it is not perfect , for someone like me there have been times whereby i have come accross a piece of software but unfortnately due to the extremely poor broadband speeds i get - it is not practical to do the download. so there are times when i would welcome the opportunity to be able to have the software on a disk.
  6. Good Evening itisonlyme - I have also been looking at this scope as a possible purchase , but was concerned with the dust issues - i see you only ordered your last week and you mentioned in your post that you had spoken to ian King and he assured you that the dust problem was resolved. Can i assume from this then that perhaps the dust issue has not been sorted ? , was it a lot of dust on the lenses ?. it is good to know that the dust does not necessarily affect the views or photo's but a bit concerned paying out that sort of money i would want it near perfect ?.
  7. I have seen foam blocks in Dunelm - dont think it is pluck foam though - you still might be able to utilise it though.
  8. Have taken a few photos on my iphone - apologies as picture quality not very good . [/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
  9. it appears to be the old style focuser - serial number is 0230 and date of manufacture was 02 04 so i assume February 2004
  10. I assume you mean of the telescope etc , i will try and do that over the next few days , if it is astro photos then they maybe a long time in coming lol
  11. Thanks Rawhead I was very well impressed with your pictures you have taken with your 200k , it is something i will be trying over the coming months. if i can sort out the guiding .
  12. lol thanks Andy - i had sort of guessed and i can see why you have - if it wasnt for my cold at the moment i would be at there now :-(
  13. thanks andyh I most confess it was a lot of your posts that made my mind up in going for it , so many thanks - did try and join the tal user group on here but couldnt find any posts on there ? , perhaps i was doing something wrong ?.
  14. Evening Luke Luckily it was on my highest bid price , i did expect more people to bid for it in the latter stages . it is in excellent condition and the short 5 minutes i have used it for so far the views hav been amazing - i couldnt belivew the significant difference between the Tal and my otherscopes .
  15. Good Evening everyone , managed to treat myself to a new scope for christmas from ebay eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace have managed to have a quick 5 minutes with it so far and was very well impressed with the views of jupiter i had with it , My question relates to the HEQ5 which is the black older version with just the standard motors and controller , i already have a EQ3 goto with the synscan v3 handset so what i would like to know does anyone know if it is possible to buy from anywhere the HEQ5 pro goto upgrade less the handset All that i can see is every where selling them with a hand
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