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  1. Cheers to you as well stu, rubber bit off, have found the screw..................
  2. Cheers me hearty much appreciated, I'll give it a really careful go Mick
  3. The Aperture lens (coating) is blue in colour. I bought it in 2009 and it has worked well since until.......... Mick
  4. Aye guys, I've had it full clockwise, full counter and all stations in between. It used to highlight different details better in different positions but now it appeard to have stopped doing anything to the view. I have spent hours tweaking the Etalon control, and also the focuser to see if that helped at different positions but though the focuser still works the other is not working at all now, and has not worked very well for a couple of months. Mick.
  5. Tried with binos from IOW (St Mary's) Hospital last night but even though it had a thin-crescent marker within 5 degrees of it, the thing played hide and seek amongst the contrails towards southampton and I lucked-out. I have been down to Sandown beach a couple of times trying to get a low clear easterly, but its evaded me this summer/autumn so far. Mick IOW
  6. Morning Folks, Just wondering if anyone new of an easy fix before I try and open up the scope or call coronado/meade. I have had problems with the ETALON control on the scope, in that It does not appear to change the view-details at all, and I cannot make out (hardly) a thing either on the disc or off the limb. Currently I am sometimes seeing the black spot of a larger umbra, but nothing else. (Granted, there was very little to see in W/L either the other day when I last observed) but this has been the case with plenty to see through my W/L filter on my newt. There are some screws holding the box together and wondered if any of you guys new of a reason why undoing-them would be a good idea,..... Or if I should try the makers. Mick IOW
  7. Here in the UK the SUN has been a challenge....... C/2015 WZ is a fantasy Mick
  8. It was also nearly a couple of the moggies when I caught the beggar! He is 6 and the brolly has been out there for 4 years withought a scope under it......... Phycho critter, He probably just caught the Transit tension.
  9. Smashin phot 2112, That is the position of Mercury during the period when was appearing through the thinner clouds for me. I viewed out from under a brollly as it was still raining from above me at the time. Just after this my youngest cat jumped off the kitchen roof onto the brolly and snapped the stantions. Missed the filter end of the scope by inches.
  10. Had a better (though wet) day than expected with my scope under a brolly. Observed Mercury intermittently during 2 periods adding up to around 32 minutes. It was always through cloud, and going in and out of visibility but considering what I could have ended up with it has not been too bad a day. Mercury was tack sharp, and at one point lined-up with AR 12542 and 12543 Super Mick
  11. Got a second intermittend set of views through the cloud and between the rain between 15:50 and about 16:20. I even got a cloudy photo of Mercury lining up with AR 12543 and 12542. Bit hazy but you can make out which is which. Not bad going for the day we have had, and still an hour and a half left to go - Raining just now mind Mick
  12. Caught it for a minute or two through thinner clouds from the Isle of Wight so there is hope for the south. Mick
  13. Hey ho, No chance of contact sighting but I caught Mercury on the disc at 12:24 Through a thinner bit of cloud. A stunningly sharp little disc in front of the granulation. A few of these through the day will be good. Mick.
  14. One in the eye for pessimism, Just caught sight of mercury on the disc through thinner cloud. 12:24 to 12:26 Not bright but enough to see how sharp the little disc is moving well below the main AR. Mick
  15. Scope under a brolly, looks like a waste of time from here and I'll be well dead by 2049. Better luck further north folks Mick
  16. I have my 8" with W'L Filter sitting out under a large umbrella. With the weather forecast it will probably not move from there all day and I have left the PST indoors. The BBC are showing cloud breaks around an hour after it finished this eve. If thats true then it will be pretty similar to the cloud cover from 30 mins before to 20 mins after that the Island had for the last eclipse. Better further north, so good luck everyone, I' m off to eat worms. Mick
  17. I have taken the day off, but according to the forecast, after a week of reasonable skies so has the sun. Cloudy for the south up to the 1st contact time, then rain through the event1 Nice........ I had a chance to go to Scotland with work and declined it to watch from the Island. What a mistaka to make-a I will be out there for 7+ probably full to dangerous levels of blood-pressure tablets by the end. Good luck all, Mick IOW
  18. P.S. Of Course this time when we lose sight of it ..... it will be heading to cross the sun's disc on the 9th May. I have nooked the day off - Clouds keep away. Mick
  19. I caught a 4 minute glimpse of it with my 15x70s on the 5th, and about 1 minute with the scope before it set. I have been out watching it for 6 nights out of the 12 since and am set-up tonight. It's great to watch it transporn from a small near-disc to a larger crescent as the days go by, and also it,s setting position moving Northwards after the sun. Charmin Mick
  20. On the Ball as usual, BT are announcing that JUPITER will be visible in the sky tonight and probably Tommorrow !!!!!!! They say it will be nearer than ever, and that it will be as bright as a star........ They also note that if people look up they may catch a glimpse of the Great Red spot...... This is the sort of web-based tomfoolery that has meant we have ended up with a Polar Research Ship called "Boaty Mc Boat-face". yours aye, Despondent of Vectis. I wonder what the BBC are saying.....
  21. Caught S2 Up there in Draco on the 8th, and then the 20th December (which is all our manky skies would permit). Looks quite good still in the scope, holding at around mag 9 and easy to find. Will watch it into the new year, Have not had a look at X1 yet but intend to. Have a good new year all, Mick
  22. Hello all and a merry Christmas. I caught Catalina on the Morning of the ninth of December which ubelievably was clear for a while, and the 15x70s showed a big circular smudge, and the scope showed a thin tail. I caught it again on the morning of the 24th, though just a smudge through the 15x70s through passing clouds. On the 8th and the 20th I also had a look at 2014 S2 Panstarrs with the scope, Mag 9 and not too much detail but up in draco so available should the incredible happen again and we get an hour or two clear over the holiday. I have not been very active lately as I have had a few months of absolute hell at work and of course the weather has been appalling, but I am starting to get some time for my own, and visitors like these always bring my enthusiasm up Have a good (and if possible, clear) New year Mick.
  23. Been away on Hols, and last week was cloudy so out I went last night to complete my messiers list for the year... 2015s almost permanent visitor to our skies was up high in Draco, two days short of 7 months observing from the UK and it is still at Mag 10. Pretty diffuse, with no bright centre obvious in scope but still........ Mick
  24. 8,000 pachets of data waiting to downlink already.. and the shade may well keep it operating for months longer than it normally would. Justice at last for the esa 300. and in a couple of months, maybe, outgassing will jump it to gently another location for more piccies, or hover it in the updraught like a drone snapping formations of........ I'..better go take my meds, anyhoo well done ESA.
  25. I remember standing on Sandown beach on Christmas day(night) with my 15x70s and seeing Comet 2014 Q2 Lovejoy pop up out of the Murk amongst the stars of Columba.... Last night, on the eve of D-Day.....i found it up among the stars of Ursa Majoris with the 20cm, and once the position was ascetained, actually spotted the dim fuzz with the 15x70s again !!! It is no longer very detailled, a fuzzy little patch without much in the way of brightening towards it's centre, but is still obvious, still serenely gliding through the Northern sky, and still a pleasure to find. There have passed, 7 Calendar months in which this Comet had been within Binocular (albeit reasonably big ones) Visibility, and 5 and a half in which it has been veiwable from UK skies. There have been more spectacular Comets, but Q2 Will live long in the memory. That's if it ever fades-away at all. I could be down the beach with the scope this Christmas (er.......with my lap-top plugged through the GMT perhaps). Sorry, bit carried-away there Mick
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