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  1. Thanks for the help lads tried to up load firmware on to hand controller but its not having any of it ,,,new hand con i think Robbie
  2. Hi all Can anybody help i have a cpc 925 3 years old out off the blue as i was aligning it it stopped and gave this error message TRANSMIT DATA on the hand control tried moving the mount manually and turning it on and Off but nothing but this massage. Any help would be appreciated. Robbie .
  3. Hi guys and gals Have got myself problem ! bought a s/h eq3-2 synscan mount last week to fit my refractor on ..waited a couple of days for the new saddle all good so far 'connect it tonite to power supply handset lights up but it is giving me a message saying NO LINK TO M;C STAND ALONE MODE now if i press enter it will continue on through with the usual time date location aligment and so on but thats it the motors dont move using the directional keys ,,it is all connect up and i tried it breffly when i got it and it was fine..,.pig in a poke i wonder. Thanks for any advice Robbie
  4. Hi can anybody tell me which saddle i need ,i want to attach a 80mm william optics refractor with its original 2 square tube brackets to a skywatcher EQ 3-2 mount.?? Robbie
  5. Thanks i have just found the tele- vue magnification chart on line,, very informative type in your scope and it those all the calculations for you.
  6. Hi , Can anybody tell me which is the best size eyepiecs to with my binoviewers on my W/O 80 REFRACTOR for planets and lunen i have a 2.5 nagler 3/ Radian 4 /Radian need to pair one of them up.? Regards Robbie clear skies.
  7. very very nice set up the cge pro has a good reputation
  8. 125mm rings are needed for 80mm scope
  9. very nice indeed looking for something similar.
  10. con grats fab scope have the cpc type but same ota wont let you down
  11. hands on optics in the US but if u can try buy s/h they do come up astromart
  12. Here is my scope and eyepieces in my self built obs waiting,, for ever waiting on a clear nite.
  13. first class service i placed on order with flo for a polerised moon filter that was far to dark for my scope size, they rang me the next day to make sure it was correct which it wasn't,great service.
  14. Hi Members Need some advice,looking at buying a canon 550 t2i for astrophotography would this camera be considered good for this purpose or is there a better option in there camera range, don't want to buy a ccd camera at this stage yet. many thanks Robbie. cpc 9.25.
  15. thanks Beamer,,so is the heq5 smaller as well as lighter ?
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