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  1. Star Forming Welcome to the world of Video Astronomy. Enjoy it and have fun . Best of all enjoy the views on that monitor with others at the same time. What a way to share the wonders of deep space eh?
  2. Andy I'm sorry , but dust bunnies are against the law on NSN. 10 lashes with a s-video cable for you Mr. Now get to cleaning that system. OH the shame of it all. :>)
  3. I want the optics and computer of the " ON SCREEN " system of the USS ENTERPRIZE if anything , but for real , I think a Chronos HD 50 mount and CDK24 would be a really nice start. Just saying. he he :<)
  4. jturner9

    Observatory & Set Up

    Just some images of the observatory and the inside set up. Oh and the guard dogs.
  5. jturner9


    Just some of my screen captures. Hope you like them enjoy.
  6. Ken is live now from their star party on the Snake Valley channel.
  7. You may be on to something there. Hmmm
  8. Again. I look but there is no red button marked delete. Sorry maybe you can delete it ? I give up. LOL
  9. John Hope it goes well weather and all. Even if it starts with just 2 people it is a start. If you do have internet and want a channel just contact me through NSN and I will help you from there. We do a webcam broadcast during the day with a set camera looking out over the main area of the scopes. Then at night one or two of us will do the live DSO broadcast. Just having a webcam running with people walking around talking gets people watching and talking.
  10. Yes I do remember watching a Snake Valley show where the guy dropped the FR while we were watching. Here is a small screen capture of him after he had done it. I think the show was titled BUTTER FINGERS.
  11. auspom That would be a big no go on the delete that way also. Thanks anyway.
  12. Hot dang can't wait Ken. We only have Europe missing from the star party broadcasting ranks now. Bunch of slackers. LOL Please note to any and all. I will be happy to build a special channel just for your Star party to broadcast on NSN with. Let the world in to see the fun you are having. We have a blast doing that here and in Canada plus I have seen Ken do it once down under also.
  13. Not that I want to sound like a big old CRY BABY, but wha wha I want to delete them and control them myself. Not beg for . Although the mods or admins may treat me like my wife does and ignor me or tell me to shut up and go away too. Sure would be nice to control it though. Just beating my head against a wall on this one I guess. LOL That's da way it goes.
  14. Yep and I have found no way in which to delete the images. Did a search also , but that came up with almost nothing and what did come up was not of any use either. Maybe we can't delete them I don't know.
  15. Ok what I mean is I have under my profile a content section. In there is a gallery I would like to delete. I have it hidden from view right now which explains why you don't see it. That is what I am trying to delete.
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