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akshay kumar

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hi! all,my name is akshay kumar,

I'am a student studying 10th std at Bangalore. I luv astronomy and I'am planning to persue my studies in astronomy. My dream is to solve the mysteries of the origin of universe,dark matter and dark energy!

I enjoy doing amateur astronomy,pirticularly observing the mesmarizing night sky!astronomer1.gif.

I'am a member of the association of bangalore amateur astronomers, we are one of the most active amateur clubs in india.We conduct amateur telescope making workshop,star parties,astronomy lecture classes and more.

i own a 4" homemade refractor. astronomer1.gif



for more pics and info on how my father, MR Anil Kumar built the refractor , please visit Anil's DIY ( DO IT YOURSELF) BLOG

In the end i would like to say that "our future lies in the development of astronomy as there is a whole universe out there for us to discover!cool12.gif"


with regards,

akshay kumar

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Welcome to SGL, Akshay!

We spent an afternoon in Bangalore (waiting for the train to Mumbai) not long ago. We took an autorickshaw to Brigade Road so my wife could see if it has changed in the 33 years since she was last there. It has!!!


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Ummm - my husband misspelt Bangalore. Anyone knows it's Bengaluru! - Marion, the Michigoose
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Hi Akshay and welcome to SGL. What a buzzy place Bangalore is. We stayed with some friends there for a few day last year. Very dark skies once you get away from the city though. That's a nice looking refractor.

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