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  1. ya skies in bangalore are polluted! but i go out for star parties!!
  2. hey guys,visit this blog for more updates.. http://www.abaaonline.blogspot.com/:hello2:
  3. Telescope Making Workshop: Summer 2010 ABAA has been conducting Telescope Making Workshops for more than 20 years. 100's of individuals and schools from all over Karnataka have made their telescopes at ABAA. ABAA specializes in making Newtonian Reflector type telescopes. One such workshop was started on Sunday the Feb 21st 2010. In the workshop, the participants will grind and polish and assemble the telescope. They will be guided throughout the process by experienced telescope makers of ABAA. The workshop will be conducted only on Sunday evenings. The duration of the workshop will be around 10 weeks. The workshop is conducted freely by ABAA and the participants have to pay only for the cost of the materials needed for making the telescopes. Eleven such participants have started making their dream telescopes in this workshop. The telescope making workshop informally started on 21st of Feb with a brief lecture on Newtonian Telescopes, different types of mounts and the art of mirror making. The actual telescope making started on 28th Feb with Mr. Ravindra Aradhya showing the off-center stroke for rough grinding. Participants started grinding the primary mirrors which are the most important part of the telescope. The grinding of the mirrors continued on Day 2 (7th March 2010). Update on 14th Mar: The participants started fine grinding with grit #220 which is a smaller grit than #120. They will continue to grind the mirror with smaller grits to make the surface of the mirror smooth. Here are some photos of the workshop. Mr. Jayanth, President of ABAA introducing the workshop participants to the world of telescope making. The glass blank and tool ready for grinding. Participants grinding the primary mirror. Jayanth testing the curvature of the mirror. Testing is an important step in making a good mirror. Participants wait anxiously for their turn. Ravindra Aradhya thoroughly testing a troublesome mirror. Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers
  4. hi! all,my name is akshay kumar, I'am a student studying 10th std at Bangalore. I luv astronomy and I'am planning to persue my studies in astronomy. My dream is to solve the mysteries of the origin of universe,dark matter and dark energy! I enjoy doing amateur astronomy,pirticularly observing the mesmarizing night sky!. I'am a member of the association of bangalore amateur astronomers, we are one of the most active amateur clubs in india.We conduct amateur telescope making workshop,star parties,astronomy lecture classes and more. i own a 4" homemade refractor. for more pics and info on how my father, MR Anil Kumar built the refractor , please visit Anil's DIY ( DO IT YOURSELF) BLOG In the end i would like to say that "our future lies in the development of astronomy as there is a whole universe out there for us to discover!" with regards, akshay kumar
  5. akshay kumar

    MY 100 mm Refractor Telescope

    My 4" Refractor had first light last year (Nov 2008). Rendered crisp images of moon, jupiter & saturn with little false colour,this achromat was bought from CN classifieds. Cradle & lens adapter was machined. Optical tube assembly weighs 8 kg's, it's quite heavy for 4" (100mm) refractor telescope. Right from procuring the aluminium tube to powdercoating, my father, MR Anil Kumar took 2 months to complete the entire project (only sat & sun),in fact it's quite fast!!!! Most of the work done by me, like cutting the tube, filing, drilling, threading & painting work (inside of the tube). Aligning the optical path was most difficult part of all, but it was bulls eye...everything was perfect like a factory fit, worked cool. Did lot of running around to get the right kind of material for the project. Scope looks professional and performs like one....image quality is extremely good!!! me and my father are quite satisfied with this project. visit my dads blog:http://anilmn.blogspot.com/
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