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Cygnus part of Milky Way


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Hey, look, I'm posting an image :mrgreen:

Actually, it is a joint effort from Greg and I - we planned more but the beastie scared us away :D

Cygnus is in the upper right corner facing lower left. It is difficult to make out as the 4 min exposure recorded way too many stars.

Canon EOS D60/28-70 on HEQ5, 28mm, f4.5, 4mins at 200ASA, piggybacked.


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.... theres even more stars in that pic :shock:

You should see the original, before I set about reducing the number of visible stars.

Our intention was to show Cygnus flying along the Milky Way. The combination of clear/dark sky and 4 mins exposure has produced so many stars that Cygnus is all but lost!

There are a couple of shorter exposure RAW files that I haven't processed yet (they're on Greg's PC) but when I do, I'll post them here.

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Twas a good night that one .......apart from the....the ......Beast of Cadbury!!!

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