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  1. So when should we like find out when we have passed over this is freaking scary boi I would tell you what i think of it all but i`d get banned permantly
  2. So what`s the point in this experiment, i no it`s to understand the universe and big bang better but how? we know that we were formmed from it because it had iron gold etc etc.But this just seems risky to me.
  3. kk thank u both, my scope is still the celestron 114 eq newt wanted the short one, but have the long one.
  4. Freaking awesome pics m8 i do love a good sunset the 4th on looks like armageddon
  5. howdy wayne, welcoem to the asylum, don`t be put off astronomy because of the weather The wait is worth it, anyways enjoy da forum. :hello1:
  6. Yer sometimes other times it`s the mg of a time sometimes less brighter than a star.
  7. It`s eays to spot if there ain`t to many trees and clouds and houses etc about.It`ll look like a star just moving across the sky.I`ve seen it loads of times including coming out of the pub drunk My mate didn`t know what the ISS was lol he asked how did they get it up there.lolwas tempted to say they towed it on the back off a boeing 737
  8. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: and there`s me complainging about my sky and yet yours is worse than mine.And i no what it`s liek to have trees in the way i used to have em but they cut down on both side i just have house in the way now lol.
  9. That has to be one of if not the best nebulai i have seen even better than the horse head. It`s so relaxing.Super sweat stuff m8 keep at it.
  10. Carl


    Congrats m8 :hello1: i can`t see y it`s a less well known messier.To me it`s better looking than some of the more well know ones,and is that a galazy slightly to the left of it?
  11. :salute: :salute: :salute: :thumbright: :thumbright: Can`t think of any words to say :salute: :hello1: :hello1:
  12. could do with a bit more shadow but nice images none the less. :hello1:
  13. Both very nice images congrats guys. :hello1:
  14. Hey i might come if this is acessible by train and ain`t to exspensive.would be my first SP keep saying i`ll go to one.
  15. Hey i`ve finally seen the light.......... well Jupiter to be more precise lol i just bout 5 mins ago thought i`d have a lookski out of the window and it was quite clear and saw Jupiter just peeping over the houses and without hesitating i grabbed me telescope and had a look for him/her/it and used the 20mm e/p and my god i forgot the thrill you get from astronomy, i saw Jupiter just as a bright whitecircle no detail And i saw the moon i think they are from SNB Callisto Europa and i think Io and Ganymede but deffo Callisto and Europa i just have fallen in love with this hobby again .Try imagingthem but couldn't i am gonna get me some cider in a min to calm down lol just so pumped up after seeing it, it`s no the detail that matters to me it`s the fact that i know what i saw was Jupiter the biggest planet in the solar system and it`s moons.though i am gutted that i didn`t see any detail cause europas shadow`s on Jupiter right now.Ah well i`m glad off what i saw just a nice dark blackground with the moon and Jupiter, right i gotta stop talking now lol. :p :p :D :D :D :lol: :D :) :p Oh yer is cloudy now so just saw J in time with all 3 e/ps so i`m a happy chappy lol.
  16. Carl

    Good Bye

    Hey paul don`t be a plonker and quit, i don`t know what you said, but i`ve said a load of Rubbish that`s offensive on here, some i meant some i didn`t but the point is like what other members have said you are a valid member. more than what i am and i`m still here. Plus words can get worded/read wrong.
  17. i would say get a good pair of binos.I got a pair of 10x50s from this mag subsciption iwas doign thought they`d be cheap taky and Rubbish but no they`re are awesome.I tried em on orion and my g** they were even better then my telescope for wildfield all i could see was like millions of stars.And they are good for those lazy days of when you can`t be asked to use the scope.So yer get a pair.And even if ya don`t use em for astronomy you can use em for bidwatching and days out.if ya do get a pair make sure ya get a mount/stand so they don`t shake.
  18. i would say that it`s the space shuttle columbia dissitigrating in the atmosphere (look at pic 3, you can even seen an orange tail like what you/i do with shooting stars) but seen at different times and as david galvin said bout them not focussing right. UFOs really tut tut.lol
  19. wouldn`t be very hard just a blue circle colured in blue lol but yer m8 cracking image i wondered what the OP loooks like through a "cheap" telescope i mean like not these huge £100000 pro type ones. More please
  20. i can`t help you on the telescope bit but for the mag i`d go astronomy now.
  21. i think i know what star he`s on about because i used to see it alot and used to think that it was such a cool star but i don`t know the name.
  22. the ones i can give you from experience is Don`t plan things in advance they never go to plan Don`t expect to see really good detailed images that you see from magazines it`ll only disappoint you. Have patience Learn as much as you can And the most important one i can think off is collimate your telescope ASAP(as Soon As possible) cause it`s a real pain in the rear end when your looking at like the moon planets etc and they just goo passed quickly because you haven`t collimate it, it`ll also put you off doing astronomy cause it takes the fun out of it, so yer as soon as ya can collimate it. And no i don`t belive in UFOs i belive in life on different planets but not UFOs.
  23. sky @ night is a magazine your`ll have to look in the section wehere they have like new scientist national geographic magazines, it`ll be next to astronomy now astronomy and some others.You get a disc with S@N aswell. oh yer welcome btw.
  24. Now this is more like it I saw 3 Iridiums go passed the other night but couldn`t capture em, but you have caught some(and in excelent detail) and hopefully lots more, congrats Quentin.BTW yoou`re well lucky your only 15 and you have a Canon 350D, i`m 18 and ain`t even got a digital camera except for the one on my phone :oops: [move] Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!! [/move]
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