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SGL Moving Hosting

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Hi everyone,

SGL will be moving home in the next few days - it should happen one evening and the site is likely to be unavailable for 2-3 hours whilst we perform the transfer.

The new hosting should be more robust with a more reliable backup system and the capacity to grow as we need it. It also comes with more support rather than just me so I can hopefully go away on holiday without having to keep checking the server!

I will try to give as much notice as possible but it will happen as and when we can.



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Oddly I can access SGL fine from my work network access but totally dead at home (logged into work via VPN, so can try side by side).

Doing tracert stargazerslounge.co.uk resolves onto kundenserver.de, but that appears to redirect to stargazerslounge.com (?) which just gives a "name not known" error. Guessing that i'm waiting for Tiscali to play catch-up...

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That's odd as I updated the old namservers as well, so which ever nameservers you are looking at, you should see the new ips...

Try doing ipconfig /flushdns in your commandline...

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Not all name servers will check master servers for the required data, most will cache for a preset time (sometimes a preset time period on the servers, sometimes using the zone TTL or Refresh value). The longer the preset cache time, the less traffic the ISP has to send "outside" to obtain the information.

It will all get sorted in the end.

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I've already flushed the local DNS cache (on both my router and two Linux machines here), so think it's upstream

I can access the forum fine by IP address from home (going to just not via stargazerslounge.com, which suggests it's a DNS problem somewhere along the line

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The new server is a beast - it is shared with some other sites but, SGL only needs some real muscle during peak times, otherwise it needs very little resources...

The new server has 8 cores, 8gb of memory all running on a raid5 array! It also has twice daily offsite backup snapshots as well as regular offsite backups that we take ourselves.

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We have two wireless networks at work.

A work one and a customer one, if I connected to the work one SGL didn't work, the customer one worked fine...

Very odd!

It was like losing a leg! Well done Grant for all the hard work!!!


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I'm having difficulty getting the home page - my old bookmark or typing www.stargazerslounge.comjust gets a blank page (with the correct title in the tab). Entering the IP address gets the home page but if I log on, it says 'Welcome aderyn' then redirects, back to the non-logged on homepage.

I've got in via a page from a Google search and am evidently still logged in through it.

Will doing the ipconfig/flushdns thing help and (before I try it) does it affect anything else that might need resetting? I don't have a huge technical knowledge, so suggestions need to be reasonably simple please!

Many thanks

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