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  1. Hi there - I've sent you a PM. Many thanks. Ed
  2. Thanks for the link - that's a helpful summary of the influence of the spider on diffraction. Ed
  3. Exceptional work - thanks for sharing your latest effort. I'm sure your friend will love the views.
  4. What an amazing looking scope - fantastic workmanship. Good luck with your first night under the stars with this.
  5. Great report of brief session - binos are great for this sort of session.
  6. Great project - good to see your progress with it.
  7. I'm interested in this too, what do people think about attaching one to a wooden dob tube? Ed
  8. Hi there - I'll be looking forward to this new project. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Ed
  9. Hi - this should give you all the parameters: http://stellafane.org/tm/newt-web/newt-web.html It's a very interesting site, that calculates all the maths for newts. Ed
  10. Good piece of work. I'm thinking of having a crack at something like this. They had a good project like this in the recent S@N magazine.
  11. I got the teflon from ebay, a small piece was pretty cheap, and it cuts easily into squares with a knife or fine saw.
  12. Just wait until the neighbours discover solar powered garden lights, mounted on top of the fence. No power bills, and they light up just as it goes dark and stay on all night. Great! I think they've sat out under the lights for a couple of nights this summer....Luckily the lights are not too bright, and an empty plant pot over the top blocks out unwanted light. LP has definitely got worse over the last couple of years as security lights etc have become much cheaper. Our street lights are still on as well. According the the Campaign for Dark Skies website, the more light at night, the greater the problem with crime. It doesn't work the other way round - i.e. darkness encourages crime, which is unfortunately the 'common sense' view.
  13. Take the scope! The skies can be incredibly dark in Cornwall and on a good night you'll be amazed at what you can see. I've seen the tiny Leo triplet galaxies through an 80mm refractor (ST80). If you've got the space to take the scope, I don't think you'll be disappointed, weather permitting! Oh to be down there this week......But then again, sweeping through the Milky Way with binos at this time of year is a treat...... Ed
  14. Hi - this recent thread might be helpful. Hope you can sort out your mirror. Ed http://stargazerslou...condary-mirror/
  15. I have the 150 Mak Pro - it's a great scope. I would probably only swap it for a 180! I love it for double stars, planets, lunar, and dsos like planetary nebula. Ed
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