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  1. Perhaps that was the same light show we could see to the east around dusk - very impressive. No rain yet, the occasional very bright meteor, quite a lot of patchy cloud and another light show to the south. Hope your camera copes! Louise
  2. I've recently found my way back to astronomy and SGL after many years away through other commitments - looking back, I joined all of 13 years ago, but don't think that really counts as long-standing - not with a ten year gap in the middle. Great to see SGL is still just as friendly, helpful and knowledgeable a community as it was when I first arrived. Louise
  3. Congratulations! What a well-timed boost for you - and it's always nice to know someone wins these competitions (it's not usually me!).
  4. Just come in from a visual session - fantastically clear sky but a ridiculously strong breeze so no point in putting the scope up, unfortunately. Even the bins on a tripod were pretty wobbly! Anyhoo, Jupiter and the Milky Way were an absolute treat tonight - not complaining after the summer we've had. Louise
  5. There's a thread here http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/82573-reclining-chair.html#post1244680 which may be of interest.
  6. So glad you're enjoying the binos, J. I had a chance to look through a pair of the 15x70s a while ago and they did provide very nice views. A recliner of some kind may be a way to go for overhead observing - I have a plastic type garden chair which stretches nearly level and I can rest my elbows on the arms. I have a photo tripod which will take the weight of my 10x50s and extends high enough for me to view nearly overhead (but I'm not very tall! and it's still neck aching), although I don't know whether it would be stable enough for 15x70s. Oh yes, definitely! The more you look, the more you see, no question. It's amazing how things suddenly seem to leap out at you as you gain more experience. And don't forget to let your eyes adjust to the dark. After 20-30 mins away from lights, you will see so much more.Hope we all get some clear skies soon:)
  7. There are quite a few listed in this thread http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/76062-university-astto-lectures.html
  8. I've acquired a severe case of aperture fever after looking through large dobs at SGL4 - I think my bank balance may shortly suffer long-term damage. Mmm... but they are bigger, better, slightly-less-faint grey fuzzy blobs....
  9. Amanda, you're not alone - I had a real struggle to find this one when I started out. The first time I spotted it I remember the sky was very clear and dark, so if you have much light pollution that might well be the problem. I also struggled to find M81 and M82 for a long time. In the end switching from a standard finderscope to a red dot finder helped enormously for finding DSOs - might be worth a try if you are not already using one.
  10. Wow, Ian, that's just a wonderful trip - what fantastic cousins you have! That will indeed be the trip of a lifetime:hello2: Those lovely Canon binos of yours should be just the job - I can't see the dob going as hand luggage somehow:D! Enjoy! and tell us all about it (with pics) when you are back!
  11. Hi Sam Welcome to the forum from another South (West) Wales resident.
  12. Wonderful sketch, Andrew! It has a real feeling of depth about it.
  13. Two for the price of one tonight! Managed to get a good look at the overhead pass of the ISS just now - it came up through fairly murky high cloud in the west and out into a clear sky just above Saturn. I haven't seen it for a while and was amazed how big and bright it is now. I noticed on H-A that there was an Iridium flare due a couple of minutes later, a -7 mag, and turned around just in time to spot a big hazy light fading behind the clouds - so I think I can tick that one as my first Iridium flare. If only the sky had been clear! I guess it would have been really stunning.
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