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Hey you guys. How's it going? Well, I came across this forum whilst looking up whether I could put a motor on a SW eq2 mount that I'm about to buy. It doesn't come with one, hence me looking to see if one can be added afterwards. I'm abut to buy a 2nd hand SW Explorer, 130x900, on a eq2 mount/tripod. It's basically brand new as its only been used 2or3 times and has no bits missing from the original package. It also has a set of SW filters and some other bits and  bobs like planisphere, sky maps etc. Anyway, as I saw the forum being mentioned, I thought I'd join up as I'm new to actual visual astronomy, although I've been into all things space related and it's all I watch on tv/YouTube, so I have a good basic knowledge of a variety of space related subjects. Although Black holes and different star types,  their evolution and life cycles are areas I have special interest in.  I hope this Skywatcher 130/900 is not going to disappoint. The reviews I've seen seem to rate it quite highly. I nearly bought a Celestron Astromaster 130q, but after seeing nothing but really bad reviews,  I pulled out from the sale. The only negative with this SW Explorer is that I think the primary mirror isn't parabolic. Being new to this I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes, but I'm sure I could upgrade if I need to. I was looking at a SW Heritage 130p for a while but the small size/lack of a proper tripod put me off a little. But from what I've read, it's an amazing scope, so I hope I haven't messed up big time by not getting it. Anyway, sorry for the essay.  I hope to meet some cool people on here and I'm open to any advice and hope to learn as I really am new stargazing. I do have a 50mm 650mm refractor, but it's what's called a 'department store hobby killer' of a scope. I have seen Saturn and Jupiter through it, but it was such hard work, that it took all the fun and enjoyment from the experience.  I hope this new scope puts that to right.

Cheers guys, 


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Hello Reds and welcome to the site 👍 Enjoy your telescope; you mention that you have some filters in the kit, does that include a moon filter? I am not sure how bright the moon will appear in your telescope but for not too many pennies it may be a worthwhile purchase. All the best.

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