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Roy Cropper

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A new astronomer checking in.

I'm in a slightly unusual position in that while I have very little observing experience my undergraduate degree is in Planetary Science and my Masters in Celestial mechanics.

This means my head is rammed full of knowledge - although it's astonishing how out of date that has become in barely 20 years - but not a lot of practice at applying it to observing.

That seems about to change. Retirement boredom and a suggestion by my youngest daughter has seen me invest in a modest reflector, so instead of being in bed by 2000hrs with a book I will be outdoors watching the skies...on those nights when the sky can actually be seen!

I look forward to queitly loafing around and picking up some knowledge, and maybe having some of it wedge between my ears!

Many thanks,



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Welcome aboard SGL Roy. Good to have you with us.

Hope you find the observational side of astronomy both fun and relaxing. There's something quite special about looking at the skies with your own eyes, rather than through a screen. I dare say your background and understanding will enhance that enjoyment.

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