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  1. see if still available
  2. James, Yep Tom is a busy guy at the moment so cannot supply the units. A shame as great gear I have one and works a treat. Don't know why he stopped production. work commitments? Andy
  3. Really coming down now torch and candles at the ready for a black out..... Hailstone as well a carpet of white and the thunder and lightning time to move over to the laptop in case we loose power as the desktop has all my stuff on.
  4. precipitation plus thunder and lightning the dog is hiding in the lav the best place.
  5. those pesky thumbscrews if using stock focuser adapter pinches the eyepieces/collimator I changed my 150pds to the adapter fitted with compression ring get's me a better collimation also my eyepieces don't get marks on them from the thumbscrews
  6. you say that camera connects to qdslrdashboard can you go into device manager under usb devices and post a picture as qdslrdashboard uses Zadig driver. Did you install qdslrdashboard onto your wife's computer?
  7. What all these case's lack is the Steel tube with a Hamlet cigar for when you find something new in the sky. "I found that" (Sorry non smokers) as I am one but had to giggle. If you get what I mean. But those wooden cases are great and a real craft of work.
  8. that's why I did metalwork at school tried woodwork, but wood gives in to easy to mistakes.... And to this day my job involves steel/metals so friendly
  9. you say it worked on your laptop then it did an update (Windows) then stopped working. Did you try uninstalling APT and re-installing. Maybe post on the APT forum your problem. can you try the camera in a different USB port on your computer and when it detects the camera select do nothing in the canon utility or click cancel then launch APT
  10. To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer
  11. Take a look in Img Tab->Preview Effects if there are activated options like image flipping maybe a thought but not 100%
  12. Stash, No problem just shut down lappy and hit power started apt no problem. why am I missing something?
  13. Update finished and rebooted camera still connects so upgraded APT to latest version and still ok by the way you have the camera in M mode before connecting to APT
  14. Just for sake I Am doing a windows update as I type on my win10 Pro 64 bit and i'll see what happens after cumulative 1909 update so will let you know when it has finished
  15. Maybe remove APT and reinstall it
  16. Just to clarify my 450d works on my windows 10 Pro 64bit with APT Andy
  17. The camera might well work with this app yet APT may well require the native drivers for the 450D from Canon I do not know the answer to this question windows updates have a habit of removing stuff. yet you have avoided as to whether you managed to get the original 450D software with driver's this would help a lot. I've shared them with you so let's hope we can get to the bottom of this and put it to bed eventually and get you going on your way. Andy
  18. windowz has a habit of removing stuff... try re-installing the canon app that I have shared with you as it seems to be a driver issue
  19. did you get my email link to my share
  20. Don't worry it will all come together eventually I've had bad days as well join the club
  21. this hobby if it not one thing it is another bug bearer that gets us down but you will get there eventually. What does not help is the OS updates that then removes stuff. annoying to say the least. You will get there eventually.
  22. did you get the software that I was enquiring about? Did you get a copy of ksd291a_installer.zip ?
  23. I have it one my google drive if he wants a copy but has not replied yet
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