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  1. just for your info there is an indi driver for the waveshare hat if you want to have a look at albeit you have yours working with @RadekK astroberry focus driver, If not already seen. https://indilib.org/forum/focusers-filter-wheels/6038-indi-focuser-driver-for-waveshare-stepper-motor-hat-for-raspberry-pi.html?start=0 Great job done by the way Andy
  2. My job tomorrow change these bad boys .Oh what fun on the driveway left and right hand side
  3. I think the OP want's to work at a remote site so no Internet connectivity so TV and VNC won't work as require an active Internet connection as far as I am aware
  4. by the way what software are you using at the moment to control the mount and imaging? the reason why as with the RPi linux only .
  5. nope it has the option of it's own hotspot running either astroberry (free) or Stellarmate
  6. that runs linux so VNC is a freebie included and also has the hotspot facility
  7. I don't use team viewer but do use VNC but on a RPi and that works via a hostspot if needed. Maybe your version of VNC is also dependant on an active internet connection if running windows on your mini PC
  8. Would 2.3 from 2014 work from https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/downloads-for-windows/end-user-software/iccapture/ firecapture works with this camera http://www.firecapture.de as well. Also try what Peter wrote about SharpCap
  9. you click on the heart icon bottom right of the post
  10. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/normandie/manche/un-meteore-illumine-le-ciel-de-la-bretagne-a-la-normandie-2238385.html
  11. Many thanks for the links in your post will watch and post my experience going forward
  12. I used to visit Italy region Formia South and went to the split mountain?? if you know it at Split Mountain Montagna Spaccata
  13. Am i missing the point my celestron C5 and my st80 attaches directly to a tripod without any probs as has a thread in the dovetail? What travel scope are you using?
  14. Same for me here in France put a stop to me and buying from the classified section. What was ironic on another note MIL received a photoframe from the UK of the grandkids UPS charged 40 pounds to deliver from the UK to France (glass content) this was in March then 2 weeks ago MIL received a letter from UPS that a charge of 30 euros is due for payment. The irony on a item of 40 quid.
  15. Could be the flip mirror causing the problem can you try without it and using extensions?
  16. Could be back focus issues as the 2 camera's have different settings the asi183 is 6.5mm asi120mcs is12.5mm how are you attaching the camera's to your scope?
  17. My UK buying has stopped as per the regulations as subject to import taxation etc etc even on second hand equipment a real bummer.
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