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  1. I think it is 30 euro's so where do you get 16,4£
  2. Anything planned for this Sunday as no Banner on SGL yet?
  3. Full set of ZWO 36mm filters -LRGB+Ha SII&OIII, excellent clean unmarked condition -£250 in above for sale advert
  4. He even bought it from the long river UK site as it was still in the brown wrapping with a note stuck to it to say thank you. Just love it and at 480 pages nice "cloudy night" read.
  5. Found this on my doorstep today left by a french friend after fixing his computer the other week. what a kind gesture.
  6. just checked and this advert has now been deactivated from the website concerned
  7. +1 also Alan is a great friendly chap and me to bought my BST's from him and cheap delivery as well.
  8. +1 I received mine from them and great quality and friendly service
  9. this guys French does have a few spelling/description errors
  10. As John says Scopes low on stock and don't buy on an impulse because it is in stock... as you will regret it later. When you wanted something different.
  11. Dave, Welcome to SGL and enjoy. Not qualified on your 5d mk3 to make a suggestion but you know someone will. regards Andy
  12. +1 as well as @wormix I am planning a second box but using these will see if they work as they are compact and have a switched rotary dial. I will be fitting an inline fuse. my dew strap only draws 7 watts 0.6 amps so should work. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Youmile-Controller-module-control-controller/dp/B07XTFLCWN/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=12V+PWM&qid=1602351428&sr=8-4 albeit mine are from a different vendor from the .Fr site
  13. so 6 inch nail and hammer behind "break glass" in emergency panel for now. great news
  14. did you try unplugging the usb GPS mouse and then rebooting?
  15. yep the picture on their website threw me as well, and i did ask what was on the reducer the other day. Glad you got it sorted
  16. @Gina is your expert on these maybe she can shed some light on best practices usage and which one's work best
  17. No disrespect but please list your gear and not have everyone search your sig... Oh and PLEASE goes a long way.....
  18. try doing that with a Dremel..... Hat off to you Sir...
  19. a dry cut then no coolant. Still a brave man. well impressed
  20. you are a brave man with all that swarf floating around I take it you protected the underside job well done.
  21. Switch your camera to manual mode and then set your ISO to its lowest possible setting. That’s likely to be 100 or 200. Set your aperture to f/10. Set your shutter speed to 60th second and aim at the moon and see how you go from there
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