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  1. Well if it lands on your property, then go for it Welcome to SGL
  2. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  3. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us Sweet scope! The 24mm Pan is by far my favourite EP
  4. That's an awesome capture! Beautiful colours!
  5. Awesome captures with a phone!!
  6. PXR5

    Hi all!

    Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us Great capture also!
  7. Welcome to SGL thanks for joining us
  8. Welcome back, this hobby really never leaves you, it just runs in the back ground. I also left the forum for awhile and couldn't access my old account. It's good to be back back home. -Jeff
  9. Very impressive! Amazing details I build the cardboard launchable ones, but they don't quite offer the same details.
  10. Awesome captures That 80ED puts a sharp image.
  11. That's an awesome capture! Thanks for sharing, I haven't seen ole Sol in a week.
  12. Nice capture Very sharp!
  13. PXR5

    Hello All!

    Hey all, just rejoined, I couldn't successfully log into my old account, so just rejoined. Glad to be back here! Been doing some Ha solar over the long summer. -Jeff
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